[Subscriptions] Cheaper Family Plan Offer

Status: Implemented

I have been a premium user of spotify for several years and now use the family plan with 3 users at £19.99 however I have just cancelled due to Apple music launching a family plan for 6 users at £14.99. Will spotify match this plan and I will return or spotify could be looking at a mass exodus to Apple.

Updated: 2016-05-27

We've just announced changes to our Spotify Family Plan. Now you can have up to 6 members on one plan for $14.99. 

Check out the Spotify Family website here for more details on how to sign up.

Status changed to: Implemented
Updated: 2015-06-09

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I agree.  I have Spotify Premium for myself,   My kids are now at the age where they want their own account.  I was just getting ready to sign up for Spotify Family.   The Spotify plan won't even handle my family of six (caps out at 5 for $29.99 a month).  I can do the Apple plan at $15 for all six.   Easy decision.  The Apple plan doesn't start until the end of June, so I will wait it out and see if Spotify competes in this area. 




I support the idea


I use Spotify with SONOS and i therefor need more subscriptions if someone  want to play SONOS at home and i want to play at work, out running or something else.


Preferably it should be one prize for whole family, but i understand that Spotify has to control "how big the family is".


// Poul Erik


If they don't match Apple's family plan, I will probably cancel Spotify and switch. The cost difference is just too big. I hope they match it.


Same thing for me: I really like Spotify (especially this whole concept of playlist sharing) but here in Switzerland, Apple Music is CHF 19.90 for up to six people (we are four in the familiy, i.e., two parents + two teenage kids), whereas Spotify would cost me CHF 38.90 for the same deal.  In addition, the sound quality is better on Apple Music, which also provides music videos (teenagers love that). 


So unless Spotify family plan matches Apple Music family plan before the end of the 3-months trial period I just started with Apple, I will have to say bye bye Spotify...


I'm also going to be moving to Apple Family Plan, I currently have a 4 people and need 2 additional account so need total of 6 accounts.  This isn't possible with Spotify since they limit it to 5 total and its twice as much.  If Spotify can match this price then I would stay but more than likely I'll be leaving.


$15 extra a month for Spotify isn't worth it.





I have to agree here.  I may be unique though, because I absolutely hate Apple Music's interface, so I'll be keeping my Spotify Premium subscription, but the rest of the family plans to go the Apple Music route.  I realize that in my case Spotify would only make another $5 - $10 (depending on what they charge to meet Apple's pricing) but I think they'd prefer Spotify too if they gave it a chance (which they won't do without better family pricing).


I fully agree. Spotify needs to match Apple's Family Plan.


I am not really fond of Apple's new service either. They have no love for classical music. It's so bad that Apple Music doesn't list composers at all, which makes identifying classical pieces when you just look at a track name close to impossible. While Spotify is far from perfect, it does get the composer part right on some classical albums...


However, with their current family pricing plans, it's too expensive.


I really like spotify's interface as well but it's just hard to justify the cost as it is let alone at their family pricing. I'm going to start my free 3 month trial of Apple Music this week so I will let you know what I think after I've gotten used to it.



I remember the days when you would purchase a $16.99 CD or $12.99 cassette because you like one song you heard on the radio. Back then you had no idea whether the rest of the album would be decent, and if a single was available, that would still be $5.99 for the CD. And I used to have a pretty decent CD collection, so you can imagine that spent way more than $9.99 a month on music, and I certainly didn't have access to a catalog of 30 million tracks. 
Keeping that in mind, I certainly believe that these streaming services are a great value proposition at $9.99/month. The only question now, is which one is the best value, all things considered. But thinking that $9.99/month is too much money for unlimited music never once crossed my mind.