[Subscriptions] Family Plan in Israel

Hi there,

So spotify finally launched in Israel.

I cant seem to find the option to start a family plan.

When will it be available in Israel?


Updated on 2020-07-07

Hi everyone, happy to report this is now implemented.


family plan is 100% necessary

i don't see how it is fair to offer it to some countries and not others! spotify should be equal across the world! 


In order to move from Apple Music you have to offer the family subscription, otherwise it will not be worth it


Hey Spotify.... We also have families in this part of the world. Please do your thaing for us. Do the right thing and let us have a family plan!


I am checking Spotify Premium for a month. Without the family plan, there is no point in continuing it - back to Apple Music


I need spotify Family Plan too...

others companies let you have a Family Plan but I'd like to use spotify.

I'll wait for a Family Plan meanwhile , seems abit no fair to launch this in some countries on not on the others tho.


+1 (more like +5 :P) to family plan!


too bad...I just canceled my deezer family plan, was too fast in doing so, I read that spotify will have also a family plan. alas...I was mistaken

well...back to Deezer


Please add this feature, You finaly welcomed spotify to israel so why not do It all the way?


well... too bad.

Deezer it is


Why ther is no family plan?