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[Subscriptions] Family Plan in Israel

Hi there,

So spotify finally launched in Israel.

I cant seem to find the option to start a family plan.

When will it be available in Israel?


Updated on 2020-07-07

Hi everyone, happy to report this is now implemented.

Casual Listener

Please spotify.

I don't feel like cancelling my account, but I can't justify the quadruple expense...

I've just noticed ALL of your competition support family in Israel.

Make it happen...


I tried convinving my spouse to move to spotify but then the whole family thing is supported on deezer and not on your platform.


I guess I'll cancel my supscription in the mean time...


Hi Spotify team,


Just wanted to let you know Apple music is winning over you in Israel with their awesome cost-effective family plan!


Wake up!!!




Looks like it's time to end this relationship with spotify.


@Haimw wrote:

Looks like it's time to end this relationship with spotify.


Unfortunately I think you are right...

Bye bye Spotify, hello Apple / Deezer  😞

you guys are trolling me? today i got a notification from spotifuggle app on my phone saying "welcome to family plan" pressing it led me to the app and thats it. its a shame

I'm also waiting for a family plan. Until then I'm staying with deezer


Well folks, it's more than a year since the last post, and today's response from "Support" is that they have no Family Plan and "will look into it," the identical response from two years ago.

I wrote "Support" because usually there can be some correspondence or clarification. Spotify sent me a message from a "No-Reply" address.

Very, very disappointing


Hi, are there any good news?


Still no news on a family plan?!?!?   Why not???   Spotify, we like you very much, but only one of us can listen at a time, you offer family plans in other countries, why not here????


Any update on the family plan. When will it be available in Israel?