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[Subscriptions] Family Plan in Israel

Hi there,

So spotify finally launched in Israel.

I cant seem to find the option to start a family plan.

When will it be available in Israel?


Updated on 2020-07-07

Hi everyone, happy to report this is now implemented.


Great, about time. Thanks Spotify. I joined family premium!

Sadly it's way too late, we are Apple Music users and don't want to switch
Took way too long...

Wow Spotify. Took you time. 

Yes, I posted here in March 2018. 2 and 1/2 **bleep** years ago. 

Probably everyone is with  Apple Music by now. We certainly are.  I would  MAYBE consider to move as I like your UX better ....but now I see this unbelievable self destroying pitiful thing with the "family under the same roof" ? 

So, we learn that we are  being tracked with GPS on maps at subscription ? That you will re confirm the  address and then occasionally again being tracked with GPS ? Really ? To do what ? To check if someone didn't dare to run away from the "same roof" ? In 2020 ? Privacy ? Seriously ?!?  

You also have the incredible nerve not to say gall, to define what a family is, how it's structured, how/where they live ? 

It's hilariously invasive,  stupid, out of touch and short sighted. In others words ? Spotify  

Good luck ! 


Thank you very much

Took awhile indeed but loves the Spotify Premium Duo

Fits perfect for us as our kids are too small to take advantage of Family Plan.


Can you also make the student plan available in Israel?


Please offer family plan in Israel!!!!! I don't want to change to Apple music 😞 

they started giving it a couple of months ago

I've waited so long for a family plan in Israel. Now that it's here, my family of five are already entrenched Apple Music users. The switch isn't going to be easy but we're giving it a try.