[Subscriptions] Family Plan in Israel

Hi there,

So spotify finally launched in Israel.

I cant seem to find the option to start a family plan.

When will it be available in Israel?


Updated on 2020-07-07

Hi everyone, happy to report this is now implemented.


I think it's a shame company like yours leaving customers without any feedback from 2018....
well, moving to deezer


Still waiting for Spotify Family in Romania 


It is s as bout time that Spotify will offer family plan in israel.

it shouldn’t take so long to enable feature that is open in other countries also in israel.

maybe we should all vote by actions and move to use other apps if Spotify won’t solve this immediately. 





כולם להתנתק מהם פשוט. כבר שנים שהם שמים פס על לקוחת. 


When will Spotify family premium be available in Israel? Why can't we purchase it today? Unfortunately we will need to choose to move to your competitors if this is not resolved. Thank you.


Please let us use Family Plan in Israel soon.


It's now 2 years that this issue is open. I'm switching to Deezer's family plan. 


When is it planned to provide Family package in Israel?????


C'mon Spotify, it's been 18 months since this thread started - what's the problem? Deezer and Apple Music have a family plan and due to your lack of movement I have had to move my family over. Make it happen and we'll all be back


July 1, 2020, it is finally here!!!! Goodbye Apple, welcome back Spotify!!!



When will family premium be available in Israel? Situation is very frustrating.