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[WP8] Bring Spotify Free to Windows Phone

Hello everyone,


As of yesterday, Windows Phone owners can enjoy access to millions of songs across their smartphones for free. Listen to all your playlists, discover new music, or simply sit back and dig into your favourite artist’s entire back catalogue.


We’re also introducing a series of additional improvements throughout the app. Search results look better than ever before, and we’ve made it easier to browse the artists you love and discover related artists you might grow to love.


Spotify is available to Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users right now, and can be downloaded in the Windows Phone Store.  Also, you can find more information on our blog.


Edit 18/12/18 - For the latest information on Windows Phone, please head to this thread.


Note that a number of people with Lumias using Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 (520, Icon, 928, etc.) have the app hang at the login screen.  I'd greatly prefer to use Spotify over Xbox Music.


I installed a few minutes ago (Oct 27) and it's working now.  Cheers!

I have since 2 days a Lumia 930 I'm switching from iPhone 4s. On the iPhone and on Windows desktop of Service and the apps are berfekt. Unfortunately, I realized that the WP app is absolutely useless. It is indeed only the playlists. Where are my saved albums or artists to find? How can I display the downloaded albums to me only?

Sorry Spotify, I'm so unfortunately forced to change providers.


Many greetings from Germany


(Translated with google)




Ich besitze seit 2 Tagen ein Lumia 930. Ich bin von IPhone 4s gewechselt. Auf dem IPhone und auf Windows Desktop sind der Service und die Apps berfekt. Leider musste ich feststellen, dass das WP App absolut nicht zu gebrauchen ist. Es zeigt ja nur die Playlisten an. Wo sind meine gespeicherten Alben oder Künstler zu finden? Wie kann ich mir nur die heruntergeladenen Alben anzeigen lassen?

Sorry Spotify ich bin damit leider gezwungen den Anbieter zu wechseln.


Viele Grüße aus Deutschland



I have managed to get Spotify on my Nokia Lumia 920 phone (Windows) and sometimes it plays well and other times I get a message telling me I can't listen offline to this track, which means all my music not just one or two tracks!!    I also regularly get mesages telling me I can't browse off-line either....

I thought the whole point of Spotify was to enable us to listen anywhere.....silly me!

Hi, do You know when spotify will going to do an uptade for a spotify like on ios or Android?

If you find the local file sync issue important too or remotely important please take a few seconds to click the"WP8 Local File Sync" post over here and help to give it a "Me too" and of course a Kudos:



Same problem will come when you exceed your limit of saved songs. The Deleter will kill excess songs and you have no control on it.

I've had newest Windows phone for a month and my 12 yr old son loaded it to phone with no problems 😊 ( * Loaded *= Installed Spotify Regular) and waiting for Spotify to do as HULU and Netflix does before ordering in 7.99 a month for several devices playing simultaneously with different shows! PLEASE DO THIS SPOTIFY! ( even if 30 second adds I Would definitely pay the Netflix or HULU price) Spotify would gain triple the premium orders if they do so!!
P.S. This is a Lumia and so far NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!! just the annoying must shuffle and no offline ( I don't have Premium) otherwise IMHO A great app that works fine 😊

this isnt free im charged $ 9.99 a month, false adverising