Way to prevent duplicates in playlists.

I have big playlists, and would like a built in way to prevent duplicates from occuring in my playlists.  This could be an option to prevent, or select/hide duplicates.

Update 2015-03-17


Hello everyone. Spotify here. With the latest release of the Desktop app, this feature is now available across Desktop, iOS and Android. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!


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Spotify do love stacking up support requests don't they. So many requests that a big portion of their user base want go unchecked.


Agree. I never understood why Spotify lets you put multiple copies of the same track in one playlist.


Totally agree with that.

It's a real pain to clean the duplicates from playlists.

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I've had this problem since I started using Spotify ages ago. 🙂 
I think it's a matter of how many playlists you have and how much you use Spotify. For me, and I think all the others users who have all their music and playlists in Spotify, this is a huge problem and much needed feature.


What you can do today is to sort the playlist in artist or title, and check manually for multiple songs. But as soon as it gets more then 20 songs in a playlist I have a problem keeping track of them.. And I want to keep my order, not sort them by something else. 


That leads me to another thing that would be great to have: a Locking playlist order button.
Imagine how much time you spend in sorting your music in another order than when added and you want to keep it that way. A locking playlist order button would be awesome. 

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If you want to revert a playlist to the original/manual order you can, for example, sort by Track ascending then descending then click Track again and it will be restored to the original/standard order. 


As said, original/set order is there. Just press one of the colums until none of them have an arrow and you'll see it's the order you added/moved track in.


You can also search within playlists but I'd prefer it didn't add duplicates to start with, especially when it's the same file in the database and not another copy of the same song (i.e - Single vs. Album). That would be easy to add.

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It is indeed very annoying that duplicates can not easily be removed, such a feature is really needed.

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iTunes has had a dedupe function for many years, this is definitely a major failing for Spotify when compared to iTunes...


Give the songs you already have a different star colour!!


I seriously can't believe Spotify hasn't added this feature yet! It's been requested for such a long time now!

Add this asap!