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[Wear OS] Offline Music on Wear OS devices

Please add offline music support to the wearable without need to be connected to the main phone /tablet.

Eg Bluetooth headphones connected to my smartwatch listening to music while I'm running.

This is now supported by the watch OS

Updated on 2021-09-07

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the support you’ve shown in this idea and for the feedback since the roll-out began.


We’ve thoroughly relayed and discussed it with the Wear OS team and wanted to make a quick update on things you can expect to see first.


Regarding shuffle options, we’re happy to say that this feature is ready and will be gradually rolled out.


Separately, we can also confirm that the app keeps some info stored in order to reduce data usage. This includes previously played and downloaded content, which gets cleared when it hasn’t been played for a while. To offer the same amount of control as on the mobile app we’ll provide an option to manually clear the cache from the Settings menu.


Finally, we hear you on the point that the Spotify interface on your wrist should have the same Your Library as on other devices and have the same playlists available. If you don't see it already, you will soon.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts as we develop the Wear OS experience. We’ll keep you posted on any new updates, as soon as there are any.

Take care! 


Hey guys! I've been following this thread since the start in 2014. The news about the merge has got me both worried and hopeful! Will they finally make watch platforms a priority or will they just port over the problems from both Tizen and WearOS... and what about backward support... who knows? In any case, I've long since converted to a Tizen device for my offline listening while running, and even though there is offline support, my oh my there are issues too and Spotify seem to be ignoring the Tizen platform the same way they have been doing in here since 2014. I've started gathering feedback/ideas from Reddit and creating similar ideas in SC, mainly for Tizen, but with the news of the merge, ideas and discussion for both existing platforms might have an impact, so I created this thread:

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Updated on 2021-08-12

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and for bringing us your continual feedback.


We can confirm that this feature is coming to all users in the next few weeks. We'd suggest taking a look at this Newsroom blog for more info.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!


Hi Novy

Will it require a Wear OS 3 watch like the Galaxy watch 4?
Or will it be available on the current Wear OS version also?


Better late than never but nothing short of impressive that it took this long to figure this out


So, by the pace you implemented the app i see it was practically ready. And
you kept us waiting for years with nothing. You didn't even made excuses,
you just ignored us for years. It took literally two big gamers on the
smartwatch market( but i suspect mainly Samsung) to just request this app,
and you did it. Not for your clients, paying customers, but for a
manufacturer. Shame on you Spotify, shame!


@Novy: Thank you very much for those informations, finally!!!

We really appreciate, that you are finally talking to your customers after more than 6 years.

But as already asked from someone here: We really hope it will be available also for the existing watches, as else it would be pretty useless... 😉

Thanks for keeping us updated about this big deal with your external manufacturers.

And hey, please take your customers serious here next time. Not only those external manufacturers... 😉

Thank you!


Yeah. I got it, streaming and downloading to offline playback works, UI is ok i guess.

But is this an alpha version? Because it shows only bunch of 250 songs downloaded in a playlist, and also it crashes everytime i try to get into the downloaded section, so I can't delete any of  downloaded songs.  

I've got ticwatch pro 3 GPS, so it should run smoothly, and without crashes, yet......


Almost 8 years, and still not fully working 🤦


Well, you got to give a justice to them - they're polite, and persistent, as much as they don't know what they're doing... in the slightest. They're useless, and hopeless. 

The app with offline support is out, at least for some of the users. But it's not without issues. 

In the recap: first version with offline support crashed everytime i've tried to delete downloaded playlists. Then they released an update adressing that, but new bugs emerged, and that's where my conversation with spotify support picks up (sorry for my english): 👇 


The last two are out of order (even their forum is buggy). 

What do you think guys? 8 years of waiting, and still they're making fools out of their customers.


Hello. Can anyone confirm that the new spotify app is fully working on their watch? 

By fully working, i mean it's downloading playlists, not crashing, and purges watch memory from deleted playlists? 


Because spotify support says that ticwatch pro 3 isn't  fully supported, and it's a manufacturer fault, so i should take it to mobvoi support. It's insane! 


Anyone with Ticwatch pro 3 ? Or any snapdragon 3100-4100 powered wear os device can confirm fully compatibility, or lack of, with new spotify app?


Wow, thanks for insisting on all of this and sharing the answers. Really ridiculous. I really got up. There's the possibility to download the MP3s from Spotify and load them directly on the watch. It's not a convenient thing, but at least a solution for all those, who have an "older" watch...


Sorry, just have the Ticwatch 4G pro (which is the previous one). And on this one it would not work, because Google doesn't roll out the Wear OS 3 for the "old" watches (just only 3 years old!!!). 😞 Shame-on-you, Google as well!!!

What I heared the Ticwatch 3 pro sould get the update in late 2022 only and they promised it should work then. But that's maybe just a rumour. I was not aware, that it already works before this change of version...? Good luck in any way!