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[Web Player] Playlist Folders

Hello guys,


I see that the folders I create in the desktop app do not show up on the web browser version. 


Please add the folder for playlists functionality on the web version, and please also enable mobile/tablet users to create these folders too.




Updated on 2019-09-12

Hey folks, 


We just wanted to give you a heads up that Playlist folders are now available on the Webplayer. 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea!


It is possible now to convert your listening history to Spotify playlists with the online tools to csv and Ivy. As you might have more than 10k scrobbles in, you would have to split the Ivy search result into several playlists due to Spotify's track limit for playlists between 9k and 10k. In order to recreate your library radio, you need to move the playlists to a new folder and play the whole folder in shuffle mode. This works fine in the desktop software and e.g. in the Android app, but not in the web player, as it doesn't know folders.


Has Spotify addressed this directly yet? It's a glaring deficiency.


The lack of folder support is a show stopper for me using the Web Player.

This is unfortunate, since I would really like to switch to the Web Player. But I have about a hundred playlists that are impossible to sanely browse without folders.





Almost 2 years later and we still don't have playlist folders in the web player. I'm getting more and more disappointed in Spotify everyday.


Soooo any word on this? It's been almost 2 years and it's still a "New Idea"? Guys, this isn't an "Idea" it's sort of a main piece of functionality that is missing from your web version! get your act together!

Please make this happen. My playlists are a mess.
Yes, please at least show the folder structure in the webplayer. Support for folders is also lacking in the sonos app beta version. Supposedly because it is missing from the webplayer.

This has a serious knock on effect for Sonos users - because they're not in the web API, the folders no longer show up in the Sonos controller app. And without folders, it's hardly worth making playlists, because they're impossible to find in one big jumbled list.



But for those of us who use Spotify at work and has a computer that doesn't allow us to install applications and must use the web player, this is no comfort, please make folders avaible in the web player.


What all the other people said.

We need playlist folders for the web player!