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[Web Player] Playlist Folders

Hello guys,


I see that the folders I create in the desktop app do not show up on the web browser version. 


Please add the folder for playlists functionality on the web version, and please also enable mobile/tablet users to create these folders too.




Updated on 2019-09-12

Hey folks, 


We just wanted to give you a heads up that Playlist folders are now available on the Webplayer. 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea!


I borrowed a chromebook today from a friend because I left my laptop at home.  I cannot believe that none of my folders exist in the web player.  This is a horrible experience for me.


Is there any update from spotify on this? 

With the growing number of Playlists I have, it begins to urge me, having more structure... 


I am a free-trial person looking for the family's streaming service service. Apple music is terrible. Google music is OK but has that killer "play anything I ever downloaded and is still on the device" button. 


Looks like this folder hack is the (very complicated) way to get that Play Music functionality.....


But you have done nothing in two years....

But you use Flash !!!!!!!!!!!???

But there is a downloadable installable programme thing. In 2016?


Fix it in the next month and you have us signed up for 5 years.  I'd be very very happy. Thx


BTW pls kill flash already


Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2016-01-07

Hey @fredphoesh we don't have plans for this at the moment, but we will continue to update you all here as the kudos for this idea grows, thanks!

"Don't have plans" to include some basic / core functionality from the main program in the web app? Wonderful...

Hope you guys will look into this. 


I have had 2 subscriptions to Spotify Premium (covering all 6 family members) for 4 years now.


You should know that I just cancelled both of these.  I'm moving to Apple music.  The reason is that with Apple Music (also cheaper for a family plan), on Sonos we can have nested folders for each family member, and then further folders under that as each user desires.  taking that away from Spotify was an absolute disaster.


Each member of the family had curated their own playlists over several years.  Then overnight, they appeared as one long list of playlists, with (on Sonos at least) no search and not even in alphabetical order.


My own passion is classical music, which relies especially on playlists to link multiple movements of a classical piece together so the entire piece, and nothing more on that album, can easily be played.  I had muliple nested folders by genre, composer etc.  Now I have 1000s of illogically ordered playlists.


What an absolute mess!!  And what a pathetic response to your customers to say you have no plans to fix it.  You deserve to lose customers.


Adios Spotify! You sucked less but this should have been done.


I chose Google Play Music and I'll check back in 2017 to see if you "have plans"


Three months and still no plans to fix this crucial problem? As a Sonos and web player user this is very annoying.

Well, it's a nice opportunity to try Apple Music. Bye bye for now Spotify. 


I came her hoping that I could find out why at home on my windows machine I can create a folder but on my Linux work machine (within the app or web player) I can not. And it looks like Spotify just has not gotten their act together on this one. I am very surprised that this (and many other basic but needed features) have been discussed for many many years and nothing has come of them.


Spotify... your massive amount of music is what keeps you on top with many people right now. But what is going to happen when the other big players out there get to your size? A few already have better interfaces, better streaming radio, better overall experiences. If you don't start really fixing the most basic of needs you will lose more and more people and never get them back. And even though I appreciate that I can do cool things like control the Spotify app running on my TV through my phone, I don't need it. What I need is a better, simpler, easier to use interface that works the same everywhere. And DEFINTIELY need a better random choices within your radio. Yuck.