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[Web Player] Playlist Folders

Hello guys,


I see that the folders I create in the desktop app do not show up on the web browser version. 


Please add the folder for playlists functionality on the web version, and please also enable mobile/tablet users to create these folders too.




Updated on 2019-09-12

Hey folks, 


We just wanted to give you a heads up that Playlist folders are now available on the Webplayer. 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea!


Insane that you don't support this.  This is a 2-week HTML5 project.  You have over 1500 employees.  People have been asking for this for over 3 years.  Apple's revamped music is coming in June.


It's very surprising to me that folders are not supported in the web player version. It renders the web player very difficult to use productively, for users with many (and organized) playlists - especially for work applications, such as reference, composition and production. At the very least, please consider this as a feature for the premium edition; users who pay that premium are very likely using this as a tool for work, and it's extremely inefficient to have to work without folders!


If folders aren't possible right now, some other solution that will allow users to more easily navigate the web player should be found... for instance, automatically assign tags to all folder content, indicating the hierarchy?

So, for example, a playlist in a nested sub-folder "Film Cues" in a folder "Production Work" would automatically be tagged "PRODUCTION WORK>FILM CUES", enabling a user to click on that tag to retrieve the relevant items. That's already essentially implemented for "Starred" - why not allow tagging? if folders cannot be implemented? (but, folders that mirror the desktop version would be WAAAAAY more useful....)


Please consider this!


3 years later, still nothing.


Is Spotify just lazy? Do they not care about their customers? An intern could knock this out in a week...




Updated: 2016-01-07

Hey @fredphoesh we don't have plans for this at the moment, but we will continue to update you all here as the kudos for this idea grows, thanks!

We can't add kudos, can you re-enable it ?


EDIT: My bad, I was connected but I didn't have a Community account (which it asked me to create a username after I send this post).


The folders in the web version would bring the organization we have in the desktop and apps instead of dozens of playlists without order.



Updated: 2016-01-07

Hey @fredphoesh we don't have plans for this at the moment, but we will continue to update you all here as the kudos for this idea grows, thanks!


No plans for this at the moment? That`s not good... i have a lot of playlists on desktop... 


Why are there still no folders in the web player? Are you not right in your minds? I have a couple of hundreds playlists that I've sorted in folders alphabetically, but on the rare occations I use the web player they are all shown as one long list. I'm sorry to say it but you can't be very bright if you don't see why folders is a must, also in the web player. 


Guys it's a shame to have no folders just in the web interface - not to speak of having an essentially different gui concept in the app/mobile app/web app. Currently you advertise a lot (at least in germany) about using some playlists. Why not making playlists better instead of spending money on marketing? I'm sure adding playlist folders in the web app does not even cost a 10th of advertising...


This basically makes the web player useless for me.  This is seriously making me consider switching to google music.  


Can't believe this isn't a feature yet.  What is Spotify busy with if not ensuring a seamless user experience across all their platforms?