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Windows Phone 8

Rocking the Lumia 920 and the only thing I miss is Spotify.  It's such a great platform and Spotify would make for a great WP8 app. 


In the meantime, can you at least port the WP7 to support new WP8 devices?  I don't know if I can stand waiting as long as it took for the Android app to come out...

We announced it a while back and so we're pleased to mark this Idea as Implemented since the Spotify WP8 is live:




See here for more details:


Edit 18/12/12 - For the latest information on Windows Phone, please head to this thread.


Gotta cancel as well - will be using XBox Music for now.


Cancelled as bad


Cancelled as well... I was shocked to see that there was no WP8 version, though i just upgraded from WP 7.5, which has a Spotify client. Quite a suprise but I dont care. There are other music subscription services out there 🙂


I can understand the delay in the a WP8 app (just). The SDK was fairly late to market and Spotify aren't alone in being behind on development. 


However, what I don't get is why they haven't provisioned/ported the WP7.5 app over in the meantime? 


Doesn't make any sense. 


Same here. Cancelled my spotify and I am now using XBOX Music. However, will switch to Spotify if they can release a good app that makes use of the many new features in Windows Phone 8! 


The main reason I stuck to my IPhone 4S for as long as I did was that I travel a lot and I loved having Spotify's variety of music for those drives.  I had absolutely no problem paying 9.99USD a month for the service either.  I recently had to cancel as I moved to WP8 and tried out Xbox Music and absolutely hated it.  With that said, I still absolutely love the 920 and WP8.


I am patiently waiting for the day where I can resub my Premium account once a WP8 app is released.  I think some key take aways would be:


- Keep us on par with other mobile platforms, since a lot of us are now on LTE - allow for extended Bitrate options (this is where you will legitimately destroy Xbox music).  May allow for songs that are downloaded to be of a higher bitrate than those that are streamed?


-  Keep it simple like the other platforms, I loved the Whats New area and the simplicity of dynamically adding songs to my playlist.


-  Album art on the lockscreen is a necessary accent


-  I know this is nitpicky, but please allow for customization of the tile (eg. coloring, symbology).  I hate when I have tiles that are stuck a different color from my original scheme.  This is simply a suggestion.


Most importantly, please don't leave us in the dust.  The Windows Phone community has definitely grown and continues to with the addition of WP8 OS and the introduction of quality phones such as the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X.


Can't wait to see an app from you guys and resub, my phone feels like it is missing something without that Spotify App.


My subscription ran out too, and I decided to not renew due to the lack of an app on 
Windows Phone 8.

Another note is that the Spotify app on Windows Phone 7 was terrible. It did its job, but a hammer can get a screw in wood. It was so slow, kept force quitting, didn't have a time selecter on playing songs, had no option on creating new playlists or adding found tracks to any exsiting playlist (except Starred), and how terrible searching for songs (looking up 3 out of 4 words on some songs brought up no results, or results being plain wrong.)


I've gone down to the unlimited subscription as well, and will try to make do with Xbox music, but I sure would prefer if you pulled yourself together and made this app.

Haven't renewed for a while due to the bad experience on Windows Phone 7. A better, updated version for WIndows Phone 8 would be appreciated - AS WELL as for Windows Phone 7, as that's what I'll still be using along with a lot of other people.

I will highly consider signing up for a premium account (first-timer) if a Windows Phone 8 application is released within the next couple months or so.