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[XBOX ONE][Podcasts] Video for Podcasts on XBOX ONE

Not even sure why this has to be an idea, if you acquire one of the most watched podcast of our time, implementing video across all apps YOU CREATE should be a must. Currently can't watch the JRE podcasts on the app for XBOX ONE, only audio. This shouldn't need to be voted up, this should be done for those of us who are premium customers.  But let's get it past 100 votes.

Updated on 2021-04-30

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We appreciate your patience and we're happy to announce that podcast video is now available on Xbox. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Happy watching and listening!



I might unsub if this doesn't get fixed have been paying for 2-3 years and now don't think this is worth it fix it by January first or you'll lose a paying customer and probably many who also enjoy music in the app 


This is beyond ridiculous that Spotify hasn’t figured this out yet. There are so many people that use a game console as their primary entertainment device and want the video for podcasts. Spotify is singlehandedly making JRE a shittier experience for a significant number of people and has nothing to say about it.


JRE is the only reason I'm here, and I'm not doing audio only.


I’m annoyed i wanted to watch the video on my Xbox Spotify app and can not. Guess it’s back to YouTube. Please change this by the new year. 


Not a good start, Spotify. The fact that you're not cognisant enough to realize that video for JRE on Xbox should have been a go from the start isn't encouraging. Fix this nonsense. If you do, I MIGHT be encouraged to go premium. Until then, not a chance in **bleep**. 


Unbelievable blithering idiocy. 


Please add video to the xbox app. I agree with most I like watching the JR show which is why I used YouTube. I know I can get video on my phone and watch it there but I want to use the spotify app on my TV and watch it on there. Please please add this! Thanks much love to the hardworking team! 🙌😁


I already commented and I'm commenting again in hopes that this gets fixed. Is Spotify pandering to a vocal minority? Yes or yes?


So I'm spose to watch jre on my phone are you kidding me I dont have a smart TV i previously accessed jre via youtube on my xbox one and know I cant watch jre any more are you kidding me Joe Rogan promised you could still watch if you had Spotify what a let down hope this news reaches Joe soon for sure he dosnt stand for**bleep** 

I have a smart TV and there is no video on that either. I know there is a lot going on in the world these days but we need home entertainment!


I’d like to preface this comment by saying I am an avid Spotify user for over 4 years as well as a Joe Rogan fan for probably longer. I really would like to be able to watch Rogan on my tv like I have for years. With the introduction of video playback on my iPhone, I thought it was a matter of time until Spotify fixed this problem on our Samsung smart tv, or the Xbox one, or maybe the PS4... but nothing has been done well into the acquisition an this point. This, coupled with the rumors of Spotify employees boycotting the acquisition of The Joe Rogan Experience, makes me think that there is something going on here. Another thing I’ve found is that when I go to the Spotify website, you obviously see other users having the same issue, there is an option to “like” their comments- as if to say “yeah! I’m having this issue too” but those have less than 10 likes. Upon clicking like, you’re taken to a login screen, I then singed in and continued to try to upvote similar issues I am currently having. Strange thing is that the like button doesn’t work. Judging by the amount of similar comments with little to no likes, it seems like JRE is being completely neglected by Spotify or its current employee for what seems to be some kind of political disagreement. Disappointing, distasteful, and quite dramatic to say the least. It feels like the group of popular kids not letting the funny kid sit at the table because he made an inappropriate joke.