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[XBOX ONE][Podcasts] Video for Podcasts on XBOX ONE

Not even sure why this has to be an idea, if you acquire one of the most watched podcast of our time, implementing video across all apps YOU CREATE should be a must. Currently can't watch the JRE podcasts on the app for XBOX ONE, only audio. This shouldn't need to be voted up, this should be done for those of us who are premium customers.  But let's get it past 100 votes.

Updated on 2021-04-30

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We appreciate your patience and we're happy to announce that podcast video is now available on Xbox. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Happy watching and listening!



Its 2021 I still can’t watch joe rogan podcast on my Xbox one..... only audio no video .....


Can we please get some action on this!


I'm having to chromecast my phone screen using Google Home which isn't good enough. How hard is it to put video in the xbox app?



How is this not a thing yet?? Can’t watch joe Rogan anywhere but my phone??


Joe Rogan apparently is duping people constantly with the line that his Spotify show is much better than youtube  . I wouldn’t know haven’t been able to watch it in Xbox Spotify app . So I no longer watch joe rogan . Found other stuff on YouTube though to replace the void . 


I’m deleting spotify and getting rid of the premium accounts I got for everyone in my family. The outrage culture is so bad with spotify they won’t get my money anymore. Poor Joe he regrets the spotify deal so much he’s told people its the biggest mistake he’s ever made. Book burning spotinazis


Why am I looking this up? You add new function... Make sure this is available then.... 


Pull your finger out Spotify. I came here from the PlayStation thread of the same nature. Enable video playback on our consoles! ASAP!


How the **bleep** is Joe Rogan's podcast video not supported on all platforms.

Who’s Joe Rogan ?

I barely ever use Spotify after the discovery that this isn’t available. It would be great business for them and their artists if they fixed this atrocious bug before I cancel my membership.