[Your Music] Make 'Your Music' offline on Desktop

This is a follow up of the idea: Ability to make "Your Music" offline


The issue is that on the desktop client, you cannot save music from "Your Library" offline at all, you must create a playlist.




Spotify Desktop (Your Music)


Notice that there's no way to make that particular album in "Your Music" available offline.


Yet on my Android client, I see a Download option near this album to make it available Offline:


Android (Your Music)



The only items that present such an option on the desktop client are playlists as shown below:


Desktop (Playlists)



On iTunes (Apple Music) however, I can make anything available offline on my desktop:


iTunes (My Music)



This for me is the biggest problem with Spotify and why I'm currently an Apple Music subscriber.  In general, the desktop client lags behind features on the mobile clients which are actually far better.


There are many more examples of differences that I can demonstrate, but this is the most important.


The ability to make My Music available offline on mobiles appeared more than a year ago.  Can we please have this and further differences addressed on the desktop client soon?




Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on Desktop. You can now download not only playlists, but also albums and podcast episodes by clicking on the download icon so that it turns green Mihail_0-1625666628944.png


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.

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Can all of you stop **bleep**ing complaining? At least we can now make "songs" available for offline, instead of dragging everything to a playlist on desktop.


I'm sorry but I can't stop **bleep**ing complaining. I've paid for Spotify every month even before this thread started. Instead of getting this implemented all I get is **bleep**ed up shuffle which still finds a way to favor some songs over the others and replay same songs in a playlist. I also got this super annoying canvas feature which plays looping videos when I'm supposed to see the album cover. These features which I guess nobody asked I got but this simple idea of doing things the right way seems to be impossible to implement for spotify.

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How the heck is this still not implemented??

The 'perky'response that 'the team' still sees this as valuable several yeras after the post is insulting.


I've just come back to Spotify as at long last there are some decent PC clients that aren't a POS like the native desktop client, but this need to make a playlist as opposed to album to download just sucks big time. Throw in the 10k limit and I may as well go back to Deezer.



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@Esurient wrote:

Can all of you stop **bleep**ing complaining? At least we can now make "songs" available for offline, instead of dragging everything to a playlist on desktop.


We are complaining because maybe we like albums? You know, those things that muscians plan  and craft. 

Because this is a feature that is available on eery competing platfrom for years.

Because we pay Spotify $ and they still deliver a POS experience from desktop.


I have a flight next thursday and i cant even use my laptop to listen to a podcast..... i have to use my phone.  I would rather have a low laptop battery when i land than a low phone battery, this is trash.  Why would both platforms not have the same download capabilities? 


I am very confused as to why this feature is still in the "Good Idea" stage, as far as I can tell it has been implemented and working for quite a while now. You can download your songs (now in the playlist section under "Liked Songs") just the same as you would download any other playlist, just like on the phone, you have to flip the "Download" switch at the very top.Untitled.png

I want to download podcast on my laptop. You still cant do that

I just do hope this platform falls short for another better than it, or that their strategy delivers us with VERY good features. At least we have a forum, but this is kinda infuriating.


Just saw this request has been there for FOUR years now and still NOTHING has happened.

Yesterday I decided to try out Spotify premium, but I think I'll immediately have to cancel my subscription again, since this is a dealbreaker to me.

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@spawnferkel It is quite mind-boggling, yeah.. Seems like complete negligence. Don't know, don't care, just add the friggin' button 😉