Your Music: Offline tab to show only synced content (Mobile Apps)

Dear Spotify,


It is currently impossible to easily find music (Albums & Tracks) that you save for offline access in the new iOS app.  An Offline tab is required with full sorting capability.


The same method / implemetation used for offline playlists was used for My Music.  It never worked well for Playlists, and definitely Does Not work for My Music.


And while you're at it, please include the ability to free up device storage when deleting offline music.


Thanks, Phil

Updated: 2016-01-25

Thanks for your idea @philmg Currently this idea is implemented as you can now filter by 'Downloads' to see only your synced content on the mobile apps. 

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Status changed to: Implemented


A similar idea has also been suggested here:

Add your votes and comments there please! 😉


I searched and found this similar idea. It differs from mine because it only covers playlists.


What I want is nothing new. Spotify's main competidors (Deezer and Rdio) always had this functionality from the earlier versions of the mobile apps.


This could be done in two ways, or in both (even better).

1) Add another section to the main menu, along with "My Music", perhaps "Synched Music" or you can chose a better name.

2) While browsing "My Music", place a button to customize the list with features such as "Sort order" and "Synched files only"


This would be a major improvement and one I think makes Spotify slighly less "smart" than the other competidor apps althogh the service as a whole is better in my opinon.


BTW: I know there is an option to "work offline", but this is hardly the same thing as it is a global setting and modifies the behaviour of the whole app. 

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I've added kudos: I think this is a good and useful idea.


This would be great if it explicitly lets one use the categories such as ALBUM to see just those ALBUMS that are avilablable offline.


No idea why this is in Android but not iOS.  

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Hear hear!
This is a fantastic idea. It always takes me ages to find my 'offline' playlists/albums/tracks when I've got no wifi/3G. I'd really love to see this feature added.

This is the thing Spotify needs most right now


Android users would like to see this as well! I'm constantly using the offline mode and it's a bit of a drag having to sort through all of my playlists for the ones that are available offline.

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It should be added o the iPod, it isnt there and theres really no excuse