Your Music: Remember "Sorted by" settings (Desktop)

Would love it if I could keep the album list always sorted by recently added like I can in the mobile app. It's the one big daily annoyance I have with the new desktop app.


New Spotify apps rule, btw.

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Updated: 2015-11-17

Hello everyone,

Thanks for adding your kudos to this idea. This has now been implemented.
The sorting preference of Your Music's Artists, Albums and Songs should now be saved even when you restart Spotify.

Keep bringing this great feedback to the ideas exchange. Thanks everyone!

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Status changed to: Implemented

Marked as new idea and edited the title a bit to make it easier to find via search and more general to also apply for the "sorted by" of artists. ;)




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Whoa, guys. You did it. Thanks!


doesn't work for me- is there a way to turn it on, or is the Mac app just not updated yet?


I get really annoyed having to switch to recently added every time i go to my music.


Hey Spotify,


This now persists across changes of 'view' in the app. I can move from Your Music to a search window or Discover, etc and come back to find it still sorted by 'Recently Added'.


Is it possible to make this setting persist across program restarts? I tested by changing to Recently Added, quitting the program and then going back in to Your Music, however the setting was back to 'Artist' rather than staying at 'Recently Added'.


Thanks :)


In "My Music" we are able to sort by Artist, Recently Added, etc. Sorting options are fairly decorative, though, if every time I enter "My Music" I have to re-sort them in order to play something I recently added. Fairly laborous. Could you please code this feature to remember our preferences? It seems maddening to have to re-sort every time. Thanks!



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This is agreat idea that has been suggested previously:

for mobile apps and for desktop


Go there and give kudos OR if you find your idea to be different from those, explain how it differs. We all want good sorting options!

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Status changed to: Implemented

Marked as new idea and edited the title a bit to make it differ from the ideas mentioned in the comments.

This idea requests that the chosen sorting option in the Your Music feature is saved also after restarting the app.

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Yes! Please, please, please implement this function. It is possible in playlists so it shouldn't be a problem in "Your Music". The Android app remembers my choice even if I've closed the app. The Windows version forgets my choice as soon as I open an album.


Does not work on biggest daily annoyance.