Zoom options

Zoom options to change all elements, including text size, spacing, etc.

It would be nice to have some zoom options to change the text size in the desktop application. It could be separate options for the sidebar and the main screen.

Updated: 2016-03-07

Hey folks--now you can zoom in and zoom out of the Desktop app using the View settings in the Toolbar. Thanks for your great idea @OviiiOne!

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@jwylot I agree it's not just the text size...if that gets reduced I would also expect the spacing to be reduced.


I updated to the new version at home last night and wasn't expecting such a drastic change. Not only is it harder on the eyes, being darker with more contrast, but everything is too spread out meaning more scrolling. I still have the previous version on my office computer and wow, it's so much easier on the eyes. I get some of the design decisions/direction but IMO this isn't any more useful. 


Having read another comment about it being touch-friendly, the increased spacing makes more sense. But we're not all using touch devices.

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@Joe How does that sound now?

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Awesome @Marco, nice job :)


Would also preffer smaller spacing between songs and a smaller font.


Agreed, I really miss the old desktop user interface -- the new UI displays so much less information on the screen.


OMG, holy hell what is going on???  I did the update today and geez louise everything is enormous!!!  WHY???    This happened on Facebook's recent update too.  Why does everything have to get so BIG with every update????  OMG, I may be part of GenX and I may be 44 years old but I am not blind yet!!! 

Can something PLEASE be done about this?  I seriously cannot function in spotify with kindergarten font.

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I'm actually using the web player more than the desktop client at the moment. CTRL-mouse wheel works wonders!


'cmd+' shortcut is not working. I think it's a bug.


So, I tried 'shift cmd +' and it worked. However, in the menu, it says 'cmd+'