armhf Spotify library for DIY projects

Me and many others have bought inexpensive ARM based hardware for media center use. Sadly most Linux distributions for these platforms are built with hardware floating point calculation only, and the Spotify library for ARM is software only.


Would you be kind enough to compile an armhf version of libspotify for us? Based on the number of orders on the Raspberry Pi platform alone I would expect the potential number of Premium service users of this library to be 100.000+.

Hello! Sorry for the delay on updating this but we’re pleased to announce the beta release of libspotify 12.1.103 for hardfloat armv6, allowing native support for platforms like the Raspberry Pi. You can find more info here: Thanks!

Spotify, please,  I want to be able to use Spotify with my Raspberry...


Seems that those of us that's happy with tinkering, Squeezeplug + Squeeselite seems to have a solution:


Spotify would be a nice addition to my Rasberry Pi in the livingroom.


I as well need this for my rpi! It would be so awesome!


Spotify-guys: I bet you could've made some sort of kickstarter-thing out of this in order to fund the programming time. I would pay a years worth of premium for this feature alone.


I have modified the library, so that it pretends to be an armhf library. Internally it is the same library and uses armel instructions. I have tried some of the Spotify sample apps compiled with armhf on Raspberry Pi and they seem to work fine.


Here is the modifed library:


Hope it will be helpful to someone.


This works for spotimc on my raspberrypi. Thanks so much!



How did you get it working?

I have put here:


But Raspmc just reboots.


I have used this installationpackage:


@polarsun00 would you mind sharing exactly how you have modified it, so we build it or do it ourselves without relying on unverified and possibly dangerous binary code from dropbox...? Is this a wrapper that encapsulates the original binary release, if so would you mind sharing source code? Thank you in advance


I feel the need to update this thread with my findings. I've found that spotimc 1.0-beta3 is actually working for me on raspberry pi with openelec 3.0-RC1. I downloaded the prebuilt ZIP from which could be installed using System->Add-ons->Install from zip-file in XBMC in OpenELEC. The md5sum of the included matches that of version 12.1.51 armv6 from spotify so somehow they got it working without having a new binary for hard float.


It seems "downloads" link on github was hidden from 11th of december onwards but that exisiting binary  packages are available for 90 days.


I guess hard float support would still be nice, to lower CPU usage and make the plugin faster, although it seems possible to get it working without, contrary to what is mentioned earlier in this thread.