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iDeal payment system for the Netherlands

Because a lot of Dutch people don't have a creditcard or doen't use PayPal.. I think it would be extremely usefull for spotify to add the 'iDeal' online payment system for users from the Netherlands! When this payment system is intergrated to pay for Spotify Premium etc, i think loads of Dutch people will get Spotify Premium! Smiley Happy


I am still waiting for this myself! Who's with me? Smiley Very Happy


We're happy to say this is now implemented for our users in the Netherlands. You can read more about iDEAL right here. Keep the feedback coming guys! 

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

It is a good idea now, so please make it work!


yeah! Make it happen allready !

Ben ook voor

It would be great! i agree. The most people definitly pay with ideal. How longer it takes to add ideal how more users looking for some other alternatives like deezer. Deezer has ideal so if spotify is smart they will add ideal


I am new and for some time I am trying to pay for premium. But I have no credit card. So for my very urgent idea I have only to copy the idea for Ideal paying of others again!!

Greetings, Tessa


Hi Spotify, why haven't you joined the rest of the online services by allowing Dutch residents to pay Spotify through iDEAL? It's actually very uncommon for most people in The Netherlands to have a credit card. I actually don't know ANYONE who has one. Every pays with a regular debit card.


I'm new to Spotify so I have no clue if this has been asked a lot but.. come on, you want to activate the trial premium but you NEED a credit card? Nobody here likes credit cards.

Status: Duplicate Idea

Hey 🙂 
This is a duplicate of 
Please add your kudos and comments to that topic. 

Bump, don't have a credit card so all payment options are worthless. Please add Ideal.


So? Let's make it happen!


Ideal or nothing.. 


We scream it for many years but nothing has happened.... Why can't it be like netflix? So simple and I think it's also not very hard to get it!

If I was the big boss I knew it !! Just a little time to invest and much money back for just a simple thing....

We are not a big country but if it comes to music Most people are really want to pay that 10 euros and you can also lose those plastic cards  so the Company is getting more Environmentally friendly.

If you know something about business and
I think with these types of companies usually the know a lot so environmentally friendly means....:P

Hopefully this time there is someone listening but I doubt it , but if someone is please because it would be very very helpful for many people!!!!