iDeal payment system for the Netherlands

Status: Implemented

Because a lot of Dutch people don't have a creditcard or doen't use PayPal.. I think it would be extremely usefull for spotify to add the 'iDeal' online payment system for users from the Netherlands! When this payment system is intergrated to pay for Spotify Premium etc, i think loads of Dutch people will get Spotify Premium! Smiley Happy


I am still waiting for this myself! Who's with me? Smiley Very Happy


We're happy to say this is now implemented for our users in the Netherlands. You can read more about iDEAL right here. Keep the feedback coming guys! 


This idea won't get much kudo's, since only Dutch people are in a need of another payment method. But the kudo's which are given, should be weigh heavily.


I just kudo'ed this idea, but it's ridiculous that Spotify still hasn't implemented this. I don't want to use credit cards or PayPal, so I expected I had to deal with buying gift cards to pay for a Spotify subscription. But now that I read on the previous page that Deezer does support iDeal, my money will probably go to them.


Thanks for the tip. Especially now that they want to discontinue the Unlimited option I'm browsing around anyway, and a option that does actually support iDeal definitely has my preference over one that is still way behind.

(by the way, the iDeal system is also used as an example for the model of a to be implemented european payment method if I read it correctly)


I actualy was thinking about the same thing too lately, because I really do not want to use any of the other oportunities to pay for spotify. Even though this topic is pretty old, I am still hoping Spotify will actualy use this idea!


c'mon SPotify, give us this one'll get more customers!


Agree. Use iDeal payment in The Netherlands and get more customers. Low use of credit cards among Dutch music lovers. iDeal will give you a big boost. I hope to see it added to Spotify soon. 


I am a DJ from Holland and very much like this site to have iDeal. As many people dont have a credit card


Have been waiting for a good payment option for years, and I'm quite shocked that a business like Spotify chooses not to make money. There have not even been any official responses to this idea/request.  Instead they pour money into outdated options like giftcards. 


How frustrating is it when you actually WANT to pay for something, and the company simply refuses to give you a credible option. 


I really want to buy moths of premium, but it isnt possible. I cant pay with Credidcart. We as Dutch people need Ideal!


Another user here which would have upgraded right away if iDeal was