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[iOS][Android][Podcasts] Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists

The option to save, bookmark or add an individual podcast show to a playlist would be nice to have. I'm actually somewhat surprised that this functionality isn't available. 

Updated on 2019-09-06

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your votes to this idea.


It's now possible to add Podcasts to playlists on iOS and Android. Just head to a podcast, click the three dots on the episode you want and select 'Add to Playlist'. 




Thanks again!



This is absolutely ridiculous how Spotify ignores their customers. I am canceling my premium subscription and switching to castbox, so far its has been great. I am not willing to pay for something that is not only useless for podcast streaming but I also refuse to pay the people that ignore their customers.


Would be great to have this option, podcasts are such a big part of what I'm listening to and there should be a better way to save the individual episodes. Right now I need to use both spotify and the app overcast as some podcasts are not on Spotify and the opposite. 

Status changed to: Watch this space

Updated on 2019-07-12

Hey folks,


Thanks for adding all your feedback to this idea. 


We also think this is a great idea and we're looking into it further. We've changed this idea to 'Watch This Space' and we'll post here when we get an update.




Oh thank god, I really believed that Spotify didn't pay any attention.  Can you now also look at the request for podcasts to display in 'your library' on Android Auto!!!


Yes, the podcast especially needs a like/dislike option. I like NPR I also like to hear maybe Foxnews too. After using the daily drive for a few weeks all podcast after NPR and WSJ are wining liberal drivel. Plus my daily drive song rotation doesn’t appear to expand upon maybe 60 songs that just reiterate my daily mixes... 30 million songs and Spotify keeps my daily mixes to 90% the same artist and songs since removing the dislike on artist/song radio.


Amen.  I'd like to create playlist of "Jocko Willink as Guest on Podcasts".  Cannot do that in Spotify.  #GetAfterIt


I realy don´t understand how this is still not possible.
Why you handle podcast episodes different than songs? Just let us put them into playlists - shouldn´t be that difficult. 

Yes sir tell them again and again or Im going to apple!

Just to make it clear, isn't this possible on the mobile app? 


I'm able to add a podcast episode to any playlist or create a new Playlist when on my phone. I just click the three dots on a podcast episode and add it to the playlist I want. 

But still not possible on the desktop app(on my computer). 


In the attached picture I circled what in my language days 'Add to playlist'.  



Oh yeah. They finally added that function. Nice one. Adding my pods now. Cheers