[iOS] Apple Watch: Spotify Streaming and Offline Listening

Status: Implemented

Apple Watch: Offline Listening


watchOS 5 should allow Spotify to develop an app that allows offline listening and streaming via cellular data.


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Updated on 2021-07-20

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.

Тhis has been one of our most upvoted ideas and we've known it's something that our users would really like to see come true. 
We're happy to announce that this feature will now become available for the Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

It will be gradually rolled out, so it might take a bit until everybody has access to it.  That being said, we'd like to let you know that the roll-out rate has increased a lot in the last weeks, so if you haven't received the feature in the past, try reinstalling the app on your watch again and there's a big chance you'll get Offline listening now.

Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better and voting to make this happen, here on the Community.


Echoing what everyone else here is saying. I've been a spotify premium member from day 1 and currently a family plan subscriber. Now that the apple watch has GPS I'm in! I need the Spotify apple watch app as I have long dreamed of the day when I could  head out for a run sans phone, especially now that I am going w/the plus sized model. Get it together Spotify, I love the service but this has the potential to be an "irreconcilable difference"!


PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE Spotify.  The Apple Watch 2 is in my future.  I love spotify's UI on mac, iphone, ipad.... and I HATE iTunes and have no desire to use Apple Music.... But I'm a half marathoner, and I will choose Apple Music over spotify, so I can no longer have to carry my iphone 6 plus with me when I run.  There will be many, many more long time subscribers leaving as well, as they discover they cannot use Spotify on their Apple Watch 2, but they can use Apple Music.  Apparently there's even an app that will help you move/match your playlists...  I hope you're listening.


I just cancelled my Spotify family subscription and got back to Apple Music where I have been the last year.

I convinced my family to change to Spotify last week but when I realized I will not be able to excercise without the mobile just because Spotify dont want to, I changed back and I am really happy about it.


I was a Spotify user for 4+ years before but left it earlier because of integration features.

Now this time I signed up yesterday night  but unsigned this morning again. Guess I have to take that month of paid family supscription. 

But if that important piece of using it is missing, I will definitely not stay.



I agree.  I have just started my Apple Music free trial and will be fully converting if a Spotify does not develop app next 3 months.  Very disappointing they seem unwilling to do so.


Same situation for me. I've been a Spotify premium member for a long time and I have now the family plan. But I have just bought the Apple Watch 2 for running and not being able to listen to my music without the iPhone makes no sense. I love Spotify and I think it is a great service but if there is no app for Apple Watch in the coming weeks I will, painfully, stop my family subscription and switch to Apple Music.



same here.

waiting for Apple watch app and tempted by apple music


I just got my second generation delivered and I also have a full family plan. If they don't come app with a watch app, I don't care about the plan, going for Apple Music


Spotify really needs to address this issue. I have to believe that a signifcant amount of their customer base owns or will own an Apple Watch. Please don't make us drop our subscriptions. I've been a supporter for years, but this might be a deal breaker when working out with the Apple Watch and wireless headphones.


Still no word from spotify? Wow. I would at least think they would post here. 

I got fobbed off by their Twitter team too... terrible service even from a comms perspective, let alone proposition.