[iOS] Apple Watch: Spotify Streaming and Offline Listening

Status: Implemented

Apple Watch: Offline Listening


watchOS 5 should allow Spotify to develop an app that allows offline listening and streaming via cellular data.


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Updated on 2021-07-20

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.

Тhis has been one of our most upvoted ideas and we've known it's something that our users would really like to see come true. 
We're happy to announce that this feature will now become available for the Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

It will be gradually rolled out, so it might take a bit until everybody has access to it.  That being said, we'd like to let you know that the roll-out rate has increased a lot in the last weeks, so if you haven't received the feature in the past, try reinstalling the app on your watch again and there's a big chance you'll get Offline listening now.

Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better and voting to make this happen, here on the Community.


The solution is to unsubscribe Spotify and subscribe to Deezer.

Spotify has had their chance.

farewell Spotify.


As far as I know Deezer does not support offline mode for Apple Watch ?


Still only Apple Music that does offline to Apple Watch.

Yes it does. I have it on my watch right now

Ive had the Deezer app on my Apple Watch for a long time and there is no offline mode so that you can go running without your phone and still listen to music.


There is no news about a new Deezer app för Apple Watch that does offline music - if so, please submit a link.


I really hope you are right, I just have not seen any news about it.


I've pretty much had it with Spotify. It was bad enough when they removed the tempo running feature, which continues to anger hundreds of runners. Having that capability was the single most important reason I chose Spotify. But I can't even listen to my own playlists unless I carry my phone with me. Unacceptable, Spotify.

I have a cellular Apple Watch. Why not allow me to stream my own **bleep** playlists?!?! Who does your marketing research? It certainly isn't anyone with any forward thinking. Spotify keeps saying "We're considering it." Spotify used to be the top in the music app industry, now they've become an also-ran...

My family premium membership is set to renew in a few weeks. Seriously considering cancelling and switching to Apple Music. I really don't want to do that, because I do love Spotify. But, why stay with a company who doesn't listen, or care what their members are saying?


This would be a great idea. As an Apple Watch user, I would love to use my Apple Watch to see my playlist and play the song I want. Similar to Apple Music right now but better!


Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding was that Apple wouldn’t let Spotify create an Apple Watch app because they want people to use Apple Music 


You’re wrong. Nowadays, iOS beta testers are testing the new app for Apple Watch.


It was a limitation of the APIs to Apple Watch. WatchOS 5 should make it feasible to create a Spotify app. I'm super bummed there isn't one – I assumed there was, and that's the whole reason I bought the cellular Apple watch. I don't want to unsubscribe, because I love Spotify.


@parateapensar wrote:

You’re wrong. Nowadays, iOS beta testers are testing the new app for Apple Watch.


But still no offline mode...


(at least for now)