[iOS] Optimize the Spotify app for the iPhone X

Please optimize the Spotify app for the iPhone X.


There are black bars at the top and bottom in the app, and because of that, the app doesn't look very great on the device. I'm sure that it's possible to "fix" this in the next few days/weeks so that the app is looking great on all devices again.



Thanks! 😅

Updated on 2017-12-08

Hey folks, 


This has now been implemented in the latest verison of Spotify. If you can't see this update, we'd recommend following the steps here


Thanks for the reports!

Casual Listener

The most recent Spotify update doesn’t work with the iPhone X as it should. The bottom tab sometimes goes missing while playing music causing you to force close the app (which stops your music) and then re open it so that you can have the “home” “browse” “search” and “your library” functions back.

please fix this ASAP.

also please make it so the black parts of the screen are optimized for the iPhone X B23341C3-BCF1-4A45-BBDD-0E1C86A3B3A1.jpeg





Very Nice! Do this for perfect user expirience!:)

Casual Listener

Please update! I switched over back to using apple music until the app is updated


No offense, but for a paid service and compared to a lot of other free apps it's ridiculous the app hasn't been updated prior the iPhone X release. Shame!


Why is this considered an "idea"???!!!  This should have rolled out at launch just like all the other top tier apps did.


Spotify stay ahead of the game! Apple music is coming for you


what keeps happening to me is that when i get a voice message through imessage or whatsapp and i play it while listening to music, the music doesn't resume afterwards. i have to force quit spotify and restart to get my music back running.


HAHA "the app switching on iPhone X is fire" while the app isn't optimised


Dear lord, Spotify is at it again...


No apple watch app, no apple tv app, no iphone x app... and to think this is a paid service.


Embarassing. You’re just begging users to leave at this point... so tired of Spotify’s attitude - the arrogance is unbelievable. 


Kinda need this like, ASAP. I personally like Spotify more than any other music streaming device but this bugs me so much that I've just been using Soundcloud, which already optimized their app for iPhone X. Cmon Spotify...