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We want a ipad app! 🙂


Hello all, 


Anyone has any idea when spotify for iPad will be launch? It's been almost one year we're waiting for it now!




Over 3000 members of Facebook page that want iPad app, but Spotify cannot even give the premium members an answer to approximate date.


I bet 30% are premium at least that is Net income approx £10,000 per month.


Unbelievable arrogance.




We've already got an iPad thread going on in our Spotify Ideas and Feedback section. You can find that right here. We also have a little search bar at the top if you want to see if someone has posted a similar thread before. 

LOL go look at all the comments on the Facebook post for this community site. Most of them demand an iPad app.

So they can't say the demand isn't there, and it's not as if the iPad is new or anything.

This is getting beyond a joke now. I am quite seriously considdering stopping my subscription untill Spotify get their act together. There is a third party app called Tablified, but it is only a start. Why is this taking so long? 


Yes please!


I want a Spotify app on my iPad !


I don't get it- a couple of months ago, Spotify released a Windows Phone 7 app. Who on earth has a Windows Phone? The iPad version of iOS is much more popular, I don't see why that could have been at the top of the list? Maybe Spotify is planning something special for the iPad app, we'll have to wait (and eventually) see.


I just downloaded Tablified, not perfect but much better than blowing up the iPhone app.
They are waiting for the release of iPad 3, upon which they will launch a high resolution iPad app. At least, that's what I hope they're up to.