iPad app

Status: Implemented

We want a ipad app! 🙂

About bleedin' time there was one...or access to spotify via the browser...iPad access is currently pants....


All this talk of apps, and yet the one that the spotify community are calling out for, an ipad spotify app, is still nowhere to be seen.


Look at your online community, read the reviews, view the blogs. People are irritated. There is a facebook page with 4000 likes demanding an iPad version, and it is by far the most popular request on your community.


The company released a statement in December saying that an iPad app was a priority. A priority. Clearly, it is not. Or it would not take a fast growing internet start-up, with a team of highly talented developers, over 4 months to deliver one.


I will be joining others who will be cancelling our spotify subscription due to the lack of support for iPad users at the end of this month. 


"All the music, all the time". So ironic.



The iphone app is terrible on a Ipad. Please let out an app for this device and let in the great app service like on the PC version.  


Thanks a lot....



Come on guys give us an iPad app already!! I think it's about time!!!


I really need an iPad app, without it Spotify just isn't viable for me. Get me an App & I'll subscribe again

I have been a spotify subscriber for some years now. Having bought the new iPad with retina display, it really disappoint me not being able to use my iPad with spotify. This is not a threat, but I'm currently thinking about cancelling my subscription due to the lack of info from the Spotify team.

It is ridiculous that there is no iPad app already. We sure are paying enough for the premium service to expect that they keep up with the market... 

Next week Sony will launch music unlimited for ios maybe they support a iPad app.

native ipad app needed asap please!

Need it. Now.


"I need your clothes, your boots, and your iPad app"

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