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"Go to Album" from Artist Top Tracks

Hey guys 🙂 


Was listening to some Metallica today when I had a brainwave. 


I was listening to their top tracks which are shown here:

metallica top tracks.png


It has been a while since I listened to them but after listening to The Unforgiven (play had moved onto the next track), I remember being a fan of that album in the past. 


However, Spotify have no quick way to navigate to the album that The Unforgiven is on, without it being the currently playing track (in which case you can press the album name in the cover art section) which is annoying since I now need to go back to that track just to get to the album (of course I could search but I am lazy!)


So on that thought, can we have a "Go to Album" option on the right click menu on the Top Tracks for Artists?


Just another one of "those thoughts"!



Updated: 2016-04-21

Hey @Peter__ this is now implemented 🙂 All you need to do is :

1. Hover over the track

2. Click on the three buttons menu to the right

3. Click Go to Album

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.27.00 PM.png



Great news, thanks @meahtenoha!


"Go to album" is broken for some tracks. I can listen to tracks from Anethemas album Alternative 4 but if I try to use the go to album function on those tracks it just shows me a loading indicator.