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AI Autonomous Spotify App and Music Taste Learner

Status: Live Idea

Hey, suggestion: use the AI and program it to work with "Open Radiobased suggestions" (Ava Laulupõhine raadio). I'm 100% spotify user but this is not what i would like. It doesn't really find Identical music like you would like. Misses the beat, vocal, effects. Everything you know.

I know what i'm asking.

This makes you more profitable for sure.

But never start listening people through microphone that's the deal! Be honest whoever you are reading this!


Personalized recommendations are tailored to your unique taste, taking into account a variety of factors, such as what you’re listening to and when, the listening habits of people who have similar taste in music and podcasts, and the expertise of our music and podcast specialists.


Listening all the songs i want but not getting the proper suggestions!

AI makes it see through and smart but don't raise the prices.

Though for this idea can you please help me back and change my plan price for more profitable because i'm very long user and always through spotify but you fixed your price rate and now why it's so expensive for millions of users.


It would know the IQ and music taste. App performance made by it and music taste aswell for users.