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Ability to annotate songs on playlists

Have the ability to annotate songs in playlists on Spotify so you can write little messages that will pop up like how the lyrics do. That way you can make playlists for people and they can have little messages to go with it 🙂 


This would also be amazing if people wanted to note why some songs are special to them :] I usually go to a notes app to add little annotations, but doing it in app would be easier and more enjoyable


I think this is a great idea! It would be nice way to let the listener know why you put the song on the playlist, or why you like this particular song. It would make playlists more social and let you connect with others better.


I will make the songs more personal, i like it


This would be such a great way to leave messages about the song/podcast/audiobook when creating a playlist for yourself or someone else!