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Ability to pin your most used playlists to the top of the "Add to playlist" list on mobile

Status: Live Idea

Right now, the only ways to sort are "Most relevant" which randomly shuffles around every time I add a new song, which is annoying when adding many at once, "recently added" which isn't useful for older playlists, "alphabetical" which isn't good when you have many playlists, and "recently played" which ends up hiding the most important Liked Songs section all the way at the bottom.


This has never been an issue on desktop, because of the ability to Custom Sort but this feature is not in the Add to Playlist list on mobile.


If you have lots of playlists, like most people, this makes finding the correct playlist very inconvenient, often having to scroll far down and unsure of where it has been moved to. If a song is already in a playlist, there is now no easy way to add it to your Liked Songs without scrolling and trying to find it, which is irritating and user-unfriendly. It would be great to be able to pin a couple of playlists to the top of the list on mobile to make adding things quicker and easier.