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Add a "dislike" button, so the algorithm will stop playing songs I dislike

Hi there, i'm Rodrigo

I noticed that after some of my playlists are over i get the random songs, but sometimes this things is playing songs i'm starting to dislike. I liked them before, but the software is so annoying that plays this songs constantly that made me dislike them.

So, how about to add a "dislike" button for songs? I mean, right now the software only allows us to "like" the songs and to add them to our favorites. 

Please, improve the UI.






I miss the option where you could block song and or even artist from poping up in playlists.


@Sp00nless, I hid a song sometime this year and it still played the song regardless. The algorithm is not that great right now.



I hide songs by some artists in my daily mixes but Spotify continues to add those artists to them. It's really annoying


This was a feature that was available in the past and was removed for absolutely no reason. It should have never been removed and has been requested multiple times to be reinstated.

Spotify keep ignoring it, like many other features, but they are a-okay to charge more.


> This was a feature that was available in the past and was removed for absolutely no reason

From what you say, if they removed this and never brought back, together with ads that seem to feed you ads on bands from genres you do not listen to and recommending songs that have nothing to do with the playlist you are listening to, I think the real reason is probably money


My hypothesis is that there is lobby from studios to prevent music from _not_ being fed to you so it would artificially inflate listening count


I would like this. I listened to an EDM song with some hip-hop and rap artists singing non-rap vocal lines and now the Spotify DJ keeps trying to play me rap and hip-hop. I don't want to listen to it.


The Release Radar playlist used to have a way to say "I don't like this" but that seems to have been removed. Now there's just a "(-)" minus button that doesn't prevent the same artists abusing artist mis-attribution from showing up in my Release Radar week after week.


I agree, it would be very, very nice to have a dislike option. Sometimes spotify plays random songs or recommends songs that are deeply upsetting. It keeps recommending them to me or putting them on recommended lists. They don't resemble anything in any of my other playlists. But, I bet it's something about "not censoring/shadow banning" certain artists. However, I feel like it's not really doing that since it's the choice of individual users and it's not actually spotify refusing to host content, and is functionally the equivalent of a user changing the station on the radio.

It's me who has to decide what I want to listen and not Spotify who pushes artists whom I do not like. Frankly other services offer this option and if Spotify does not change I will turn elsewhere.

My release radar and discover weekly (and most of my daily mixes) are effectively useless without the ability to let Spotify know what types of music I do or don't like. 


It's very frustrating that a music discovery app recommends random music to you and doesn't let you provide feedback on the music it suggests.


It’s not even the fact that it’s songs that you don’t like that appear consistently in our algorithms. Almost every time I search and listen to a song, prompting the “radio” of whatever song to start playing, Spotify resorts to the same 20-30 mainstream songs that you have happened to listen to often. I understand that they would push music you enjoy, but if your listening to Spotify 300 mins/day and the algorithm tries to play the same song 5 times in a day it gets very annoying, very quickly. This can also be seen in any of my daily mixes, as a quick scroll through the playlist would show 90% of the songs in the mixes are ALREADY IN MY LIBRARY. This app has proven its machine learning and algorithms are HORRENDOUS when it comes to discoverability.