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Add scrobbling support for Windows Phone 8 app

Status: Not right now
by Qwasd ‎2013-02-08 05:38 PM - edited ‎2014-12-10 08:27 PM

The new Windows phone 8 app is missing the support for scrobbling. This can be a dealbreaker for many spotify users and I see no reason why not to support it because it should not be a very complicated feature to add.

Status: Not right now


We love and would like to offer scrobbling on Windows Phone in the future. However, due to some prevailing priorities we won't be able to focus on this for some time. We hope to be able to offer this in the future but for now we have to say "not right now". Please continue to add your votes and comments.

by Top Star
on ‎2013-02-08 05:46 PM

I would keep this as a "New idea" since the moderators explicitly said they wanted to have feedback on the Windows 8 Beta app.


@Qwasd Please edit the topic title and add Windows 8 beta in it, to make it clear, thanks! ;)

by Qwasd
‎2013-02-08 05:48 PM - edited ‎2013-02-08 05:59 PM

Sorry for the duplicate. The original idea should be updated to request these features to WP8 app. The WP7 app is propably not going to be updated anymore. (?)


edit: edited the idea to request a feature for the beta app.

on ‎2013-02-08 05:50 PM

Thanks for editing this. All good now.

by Top Star
‎2013-02-08 05:51 PM - edited ‎2013-02-08 05:53 PM

Edit: Alright thanks for changing the title! ;)

by dabotchlad
on ‎2013-02-19 10:03 PM

+1 for scrobbling

by SuperJLee2600
on ‎2013-02-21 05:47 PM

This feature is the only thing keeping me from starting premium back up

by AlberZeal
on ‎2013-03-01 01:23 PM

+1. We need scrobbling too!

by miguelangelcv
on ‎2013-03-06 11:44 PM


by swilsonalfa
on ‎2013-04-06 03:12 AM

Very disappointed scrobbling isn't a feature of the WP8 app. Would be great if this was added.

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