Add support for the Pebble E-Paper watch.

I'm one of the 68 929 people who pledged the Kickstarter project Pebble.

It is a wristwatch that connects with Smartphones.

They are making an API available for iOS and Android to enable apps to send and receive to the watch.

My suggestion is to enable Spotify to show information on the watch about music and to enable playback control.


Update: 17 May 2015.

Me and 78 470 other people pledged over 20 Million USD for the new Pebble Time.

So is it not 'Time' that Spotify looks into adding support for it?


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Hello everyone. Spotify here. At the moment, we don't have plans to offer support for Pebble but we may come back to this in the future. Please contribute your votes and comments in the meantime.

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Music Lover

Pebble just showed off and is about ready in mass production and ready for shipping. They already have a great music control app available for Android and iOS on the watch and I would love to see Spotify controls here too! Is this going to work?


Definitely support this.  Pebble currently report that this does not work on Android.

Support. There's even a few months to implement this before backers get their Pebble. Android support would be cool.
Music Fan

Yes, please add support... I really don't want to change from Spotify to Google Music.

Music Lover

Don't forget to vote, it is that thumbs up, next to my suggestion.

Concert Regular
Again, Pebble Android support is a must for me

Another vote for  Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) in Spotify for Android.


Support for common platform standards will keep the service in use. Failing that, I can see a gradual migration to other services that keep their players current and feature rich.

Bedroom Songwriter

While I'm happy that there is Pebble support on iOS (iPhone user here), it definitely needs to be added to Android.


+1. AVRCP support pretty please.

Gig Goer
for a fast hack (to make pebble work to change track and play/pause) i found a solution: