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Adding a like and dislike button on a collaborative playlist

Hi everyone I have a playlist with a friend of mine and we’re essentially exchanging our music tastes with each other. While it’s great seeing a blend of music come together, the playlist is a large one easily containing 600+ songs. Considering most of these songs are new to me it’s hard to keep track of the ones I liked and the ones I wasn’t the biggest fan of.


I think something that would make it easier to see what the other person likes/dislikes is to give the ability to push a button for like or dislike inside the collaborative playlist. You could put the like button right next to the profile picture that shows who added the song and when you tap the button it’ll give a popup showing the option to like or dislike the song in the playlist. When you like or dislike a song the icon should be filled in green with thumbs up if you like it and a red thumbs down when you dislike it. Giving the option to do the same thing when you click on song options should also be present. To see that someone else has liked or disliked a song the thumbs up icon could be filled gray either with the thumb up or down. 

If there’s multiple people in a collaborative playlist you could see who liked or disliked a song by clicking song options and I would put their profile picture with the thumb either up or down right under the profile picture. I would put this in between the song title/artist and add to playlist so you can quickly gauge your friends’ opinions on the song. I think a final neat option with multiple friends in one playlist is if the majority of friends like or dislike the song the gray thumb will be mostly filled in whereas if it’s a controversial song it’ll be barely filled in towards one side. If everyone agrees one way or the other the thumb will be filled in. 

Hopefully this will make it easier to make playlists that everyone can love and spark further discussion about the different music interests we all have.