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[Ads] Ads Filter

I know we can't pick and choose what ads to see, but at least for a teensy bit of decency (especially for people listening to spotify in a professional work environment) can we not have half naked Victoria's Secret super sexy models?


Personally, I could care less about ads. And in fact, I am a woman who shops at Victoria's Secret. Still- I just had an awkward moment with some coworkers AND my boss. I'd like very much for that not to happen again. In the very least, how about an image that isn't half the size of the window? 


I know no one's going to agree, and believe me, I'd be the last person to complain about spotify (it's awesome). But seriously, it's a bit much.



Updated on 2020-12-07

Hi everyone,


Thank you for adding your votes and comments to this idea, we appreciate your patience.

We're just checking in, to confirm we're keeping this set to 'good idea'.


We are working on making ads more personalized, to create better experiences for our users.

Rest assured we're continuing to bring your feedback to the right teams here too.


I concur with this idea.


Hi Guys,

I'd just like to say I completely agree. Spotify is extremely awesome but I listen primarily at work at a level that is comfortable for everyone in the lab and it's a bit embarrassing when an ad comes on using explicit language or, even worse in my opinion, explicit advertisements for adult products (i.e. condoms). Can we please have some sort of filtering option for the commercials that pop up?!



Ethan N. Broten


Hi all,


I could not agree more - I listen at work and have not encountered any offensive hip hop commercials but the adult product ads are over the top.  The most recent condom ad is downright explicit (for a work environment).  I would love to have a filtering function for ads such as these.  I don't need my boss or worse, a client, hearing that messaging in my office.  That is one of the beautiful parts of Facebook ads - they customize them for me.  Thanks for reading!  


Sincerely, Chad Edwards


[comment deleted]


I would really appreciate the ability to block certain ads from  my account due to appropriateness. Hulu does this -- so I can make sure I see lots of car ads and no condom ads, for instance. I'd actually mind the condom ads less if they weren't so graphicly sexual. Yikes! Not stuff my kids should be repeating...


Completely agree! I was just about to send an email to Spotify support when I saw this post in the forum. Here's what I wrote:


I have Spotify Free and am willing to see/hear ads. But sometimes the ads aren't relevant to me, or there are ads I want to avoid (for example, Victoria's Secret). This is especially the case if my young sons are with me at the computer.

It would be great if I could click a button that would personalize the ad experience for me so that I wouldn't see related ads again, or could even choose to see more ads like the current one being displayed. Hulu does something like this, and I think Pandora might, too (??).

This would be a tremendous value to me and others like me who care about what kind of content is displayed on their computers. And I think it would benefit your advertisers quite well, too - it would provide a personalized and targeted ad experience that is more likely to generate conversions.


Yup, I agree 🙂


Kudos to you - maybe a button that disables 'Explicit' apps?


I agree completely, and was going to suggest that Spotify find some way to sort their ads, then allow us to check whether we're listening at work or not, so they can play appropriate ads to those listening in work environments. I honestly don't pay much attention to the ads and don't care much about them, but I work in a church and some of the ads could be considered offensive in a church environment. 


I really agree about this new condom ad. It is downright offensive, especially when young children are around and start talking about it. This is a real problem, and I can't use Spotify any longer if these ads will continue. Please help me to protect my family and friends - I would be really grateful if this could be done.


Thank you!


Audible ads are a problem too!  Talk about phone sex is COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE for work, and COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE PERIOD!!!  All I can say is I'm glad I had my headset on so nobody heard that licentiousness spilling out of the front desk.  I'm a new Spotify user and was looking at my computer, confused, trying to figure out how on earth such content got on my computer.  My heart was, and is, in my throat.  Could we have an option to avoid racy ads, period?