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I know we can't pick and choose what ads to see, but at least for a teensy bit of decency (especially for people listening to spotify in a professional work environment) can we not have half naked Victoria's Secret super sexy models?


Personally, I could care less about ads. And in fact, I am a woman who shops at Victoria's Secret. Still- I just had an awkward moment with some coworkers AND my boss. I'd like very much for that not to happen again. In the very least, how about an image that isn't half the size of the window? 


I know no one's going to agree, and believe me, I'd be the last person to complain about spotify (it's awesome). But seriously, it's a bit much.



Updated on 2020-12-07

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could not agree more! I would love some sort of filter or ad preference setting -- we have a playlist for our kids and it's less than appealing (makes me not want to use the service at all, ads or not) when an ad for a horror film interrupts the flow of toddler kid music. Read the room, spotify.


Some of the ad content I find offensive or obnoxious as well as irrelevant.  For instance I don't like hearing about someone's vagina and inserting tampons. It's disgusting, but I have no way to let Spotify know.   They are actually turning me off to Spotify by constantly pushing those adds to me.  I'm happy to have adds but this is getting ridiculous.  Even just a simple button to like or dislike the adds would work fine.  Spotify PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!


I also hate the ads for maternity care. I feel that can be really triggering for someone who has lost a child, and it's annoying that Spotify just assumes that because I'm a young woman I must want to have a baby. 


Note to self, the best way for your idea to gain traction is if it is ad-related and stands to make Spotify immediate profit.



+1.  to the 89 pages of comments, and 2860 votes that come before me.  


I now get an ad for the "girlfriend experience" that fictionalizes prostitution, and for an ad, is borderline mature.  Not cool on many levels, and has totally destroyed my ability to use Spotify for any purpose whatsoever.  I see no path forward, I'm not about to explain to my kids why Spotify thinks prostitution is acceptable (it's not).


i hate ads. remove them please 😕


pls add this theres so many horror ads that have a lot of screaming at the end and it really scares me its been like 8 years 


Hearing ads for the latest Purge movie wouldn't bother me so much normally BUT I had a friend pass away pretty brutally and another friend barely survive said attack, so it's hitting a little different--wish there was a way to disable specific content.


I'm new to non-premium Spotify and I'm shocked this issue hasn't been resolved since 2012--big yikes.


I basically made a username for the forums here to add in that blocking or managing ad types really needs to be a feature. At minimum, there needs to be either a way to block specific ads or a filter for violent or otherwise adult/explicit content.


I typically don't mind the Spotify ads - I find them generally more low-key than many other streaming services - but now I'm suddenly getting ads for some true crime thing? I'm assuming it's a podcast they're promoting. I ended up jumping from my workout to mute it before it could finish. I understand true crime is a hot topic right now, but discussions of real-life violence etc. can upset people who've experienced it or have various disorders. And I don't see how hearing about a grisly murder fits into the show tunes and happy acoustic music I was listening to.


I tend to hear specific ads come and go in waves, so if this murder stuff is going to keep playing for the next couple of months for me, I'll just have to switch to another platform until its runtime ends.


That you have started shoving ads down the ears of long time paying premium customers makes me want to find an alternative and cancel my membership after over 5 years of enjoying Spotify.

That you are pushing GAMBLING ads!!  Makes me sick about Spotify as a company.