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[Ads] Ads Filter

I know we can't pick and choose what ads to see, but at least for a teensy bit of decency (especially for people listening to spotify in a professional work environment) can we not have half naked Victoria's Secret super sexy models?


Personally, I could care less about ads. And in fact, I am a woman who shops at Victoria's Secret. Still- I just had an awkward moment with some coworkers AND my boss. I'd like very much for that not to happen again. In the very least, how about an image that isn't half the size of the window? 


I know no one's going to agree, and believe me, I'd be the last person to complain about spotify (it's awesome). But seriously, it's a bit much.



Updated on 2020-12-07

Hi everyone,


Thank you for adding your votes and comments to this idea, we appreciate your patience.

We're just checking in, to confirm we're keeping this set to 'good idea'.


We are working on making ads more personalized, to create better experiences for our users.

Rest assured we're continuing to bring your feedback to the right teams here too.


For the "personalized ads for users" part, maybe an interested/uninterested button for ads can help to have a more personalized one. Not just based on users' activities / big data calculation, but also users' direct response / subjective judgment, right? Cause I don't think the personalized ads are giving me better experiences now... 


Agreed with all of this. We should be able to give feedback on ads that may be inappropriate for particular settings, ads that may be difficult for some people (gambling, alcohol, etc.), or ads that we just don't want to hear (political, specific companies, etc.). Just a simple "less of this ad" or "I don't like this advertiser" option would be nice.


Spotify NEEDS to add this. I have severe sensory issues when it comes to food, to the point where even hearing people describe it makes me feel really gross. Yet for some reason I keep getting ads about restaurants and food despite not being interested, and **bleep** even actively expressing my distaste in conversations both irl and online. My entire internet history both on my laptop and phone is literally just videogames, music, random videos about obscure content on youtube, shitposts, information about animatronics, and Netflix (and even then I only use it to watch Breaking Bad and a few other shows) so I have no idea where all these food ads are coming from. But my god they are extremely irritating, **bleep** I’d rather go deaf than listen to any more of those ads.


There are adverts that may trigger people for various reasons, currently there is no way of blocking or avoiding those adverts. Some good examples are:

- Gambling - for recovering addicts or for religious reasons.

- Pregnancy tests - if just had a miscarriage or other distressing incident etc.


A simple "do not show/play again" button on adverts for either a specific ad or a whole topic could be added.


Wouldn't reduce number of ads and would replace triggering ads with other adverts.




That.  Four years ago, when I was going through a separation at age 49 and lamenting not starting a family on my own, Spotify subjected me to nothing but Pampers ads every five minutes showing happy two-parent families of many kids. I can laugh about now at 54 with my kid in nappies. But I stopped using the service all together for three years. That can't be the goal. What else is the free service for, except to sell ads? But why push ads that drive someone to Youtube? It did not drive me to pay for the service, because why pay people who make you deeply unhappy with their business model? There must be a way to stop aggravating users before that tipping point and sell them on something they like. Like allow them to block a limited number of specific ads or keywords of ads and after that, popup the paywall.


Recently, I've noticed that Spotify has started sending me advertisements again. I started paying for a subscription precisely to be able to listen to music without being disturbed by irrelevant ads. If the platform continues to send me ads, I will cancel my account soon.


Please disconnect from Anheuser Busch advertising. Several people I know, and myself, will no longer be using Spotify if we continue to hear AB ads. AB made a huge mistake, and now other companies are doing the same by having affiliation with AB. Please stop the ads.





Australia - Sydney



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My Question or Issue

Now a days, whenever I use spotify while driving a car in Sydney(Australia), it plays an Advertisement of GEO insurance with loud car crash sound. Its very disturbing to hear loud car crash while driving.

Please don't put up advertisement which can cause real life accidents.


Turn your phone upside down


My GOD just turn it off then!!