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[Ads] Ads Filter

I know we can't pick and choose what ads to see, but at least for a teensy bit of decency (especially for people listening to spotify in a professional work environment) can we not have half naked Victoria's Secret super sexy models?


Personally, I could care less about ads. And in fact, I am a woman who shops at Victoria's Secret. Still- I just had an awkward moment with some coworkers AND my boss. I'd like very much for that not to happen again. In the very least, how about an image that isn't half the size of the window? 


I know no one's going to agree, and believe me, I'd be the last person to complain about spotify (it's awesome). But seriously, it's a bit much.



Updated on 2020-12-07

Hi everyone,


Thank you for adding your votes and comments to this idea, we appreciate your patience.

We're just checking in, to confirm we're keeping this set to 'good idea'.


We are working on making ads more personalized, to create better experiences for our users.

Rest assured we're continuing to bring your feedback to the right teams here too.


I completely agree!  They are also not appropriate for those of us with children near our computer!  I love Spotify and use it when my daughter practices dance at home.  However, the inappopriate images aren't great for a 7-year-old!  I don't mind ads.  I do mind filth.


Agreed. Very awkward to keep having to hide Spottily because there's a half naked woman on my screen..I am also  a woman who shops at victoria's secret, but this is kind of effecting their positive brand position in my head, even though I'm sure Spottily isn't meaning to do that.


I also would really appreciate a way to request safer-for-work/children ads as well.


I respect that for free accounts, ad revenue is absolutely necessary. I don't mind looking at ads, or listening to ads, or having them pop up in the sidebar, in exchange for a free account. However, my boss sits over my shoulder with a clear view of my screens, and I can't afford to have VS models in lingerie popping up on my screen at unexpected intervals when I'm listening to Spotify at work.


I wouldn't even mind the VS ads at home, but at work they are really unacceptable. Maybe there could be an account setting that designates "work-safe ads only" for when you're in a professional or child-friendly environment.


Thank you.

I sooooo agree! I actually did a google search to see if anyone else was complaining about the ads. I've never been bothered by the ads before but yesterday I was a little embarrassed to open up spotify during work with the HUGE Victoria Secrets ad on there. I shop at Victoria Secrets as well and if I wasn't at work I wouldn't care so much but it's extremely awkward to have ads like that pop up at work when you are simply listening to music.


SERIOUSLY, completely agree. I wouldn't mind seeing these huge Victoria's Secret ads at home, but now it's impossible for me to listen to Spotify at work. I really do not appreciate my boss and coworkers thinking I'm on some XXX site because these half-naked women keep on popping up on the screen. NSFW, Spotify. I had the same problem with Grooveshark and now it's you guys.


Yes, please do something about the Victoria's Secret ads, so that we can listen at work without coworkers wondering what we are looking at.  Either take them down or allow us to click out of them.  This makes me not want to use Spotify anymore if you're going to use ads like this. 


I agree, does anyone know how I can remove this ad?  I am having the same problem!! I won't be able to use the service anymore if I have to have this half naked lady appearing on my computer everytime I want to play some music or change a track. 


From all these comments and no reply from Spotify it seems like they don't care.

I'm in complete agreement with all of you. In fact, the latest rounds of "Victoria's Secret" and "Project X" ads have made me ready to leave Spotify altogether. =(


Please do remove the *INCREDIBLY* offensive ads, or at least have a way to close them. I don't mind advertising. I actually love that the artists are being compensated for sharing their music. I *do* have a problem with explicit images being shown on my screen without any way of closing them or reporting them as offensive.


Thank you,

An incredibly disappointed Spotify user.


I also had the Victoria's Secret ad pop up when I was at work, which could have been a problem if someone saw it on my computer since that type of content is not appropriate in my office.