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I know we can't pick and choose what ads to see, but at least for a teensy bit of decency (especially for people listening to spotify in a professional work environment) can we not have half naked Victoria's Secret super sexy models?


Personally, I could care less about ads. And in fact, I am a woman who shops at Victoria's Secret. Still- I just had an awkward moment with some coworkers AND my boss. I'd like very much for that not to happen again. In the very least, how about an image that isn't half the size of the window? 


I know no one's going to agree, and believe me, I'd be the last person to complain about spotify (it's awesome). But seriously, it's a bit much.



Updated on 2020-12-07

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I agree! I will be uninstalling spotify as well.

Hey there!


To get rid of those ads, just update your account to Unlimited or Premium.


I can promise, it worth every cent you pay and no ads!




I wanted to chime in to voice my disapproval of the ads that I'm hearing as well. I've just sent a complaint to Spotify after hearing a Durex condom ad this morning that made everyone in my office stop working and make a comment about what we were hearing!


We have been hearing ads for some movie about phone sex...also inappropriate for the office. I don't mind the commercials either...but god forbid one of the higher up's walks into our studio while one of these is on and someone doesn't get to the mute button on time...yikes!


Wow @ the people trying to defend this smut. 


First off, you expect me to PAY these people?  To basically REWARD them for such indecency?  Not going to happen.


And second, who said it was OK for ANYONE to advertise this crap?  Some stuff just does NOT need to be broadcast, be it thru TV, radio, or the Internet.  Young minds (yes. they're out there, and sadly, no, they can't always be protected) certainly don't need to be exposed to so-called 'adult content,' and it saddens me that images of half-naked women and audio bits about condoms and lube have become so commonplace.


And personally, I just don't want to hear this garbage, be it in the privacy of my own headphones, or with the speakers hooked up and my parents just a room away.  God forbid I ever have one of those nasty ads burst out in public.  It's a disgusting buzzkill at the least, and an embarassment to me and the service at its worst.


Show some tact!  Learn some decency!  Take these ads down, and don't put up any more like them!


In our degrading ethical society and business climate, anything seems to go when it generate money; i.e., condom and erectile disfunction commercials, etc.

How about leaving the comdoms in the bedroom and promote commercials that can fit all demographics without offense and embarassment.

I am surprised that Spotify would stoop to this level.



I agree. Please take these ads off of Spotify completely or add a NSFW-filter for the ads.


I agree. Please take these ads off of Spotify completely or add a NSFW-filter so we can block them ourselves. 


Gonna bump this one too.  I'm personally sick of all the condom and lube ads that have been creeping in.  Spotify needs to work on its tact and decency, or it's gonna lose customers to Grooveshark- I'm already migrating just in case these guys can't get a clue.


PS:  Sorry, already posted here.  Seems the thread changed titles, so I thought this was a different one.  Grooveshark comment still stands- they're missing a few Asteroids Galaxy Tour titles, but they do have AC/DC!


Hello all.


There were a number of similar topics around the same theme. I have now merged them together and added the kudos from each thread to this one.  


Yes...It's really disturbing to have to listen to a horror movie ad in the middle of your relaxing music playlist. 

No...not disturbing...infuriating is the word.  I don't mind ads, just not horror movie ads please.