[Ads] Relevant Ads to currently listened Music

I'll be getting premium soon but for those who use the free version, I think it would be a lot better on both sides if the ads were related to the music they were listening to.


for example if I was listening to classical music, there would be classical music related ads

if I was listening to hardcore punk, there would be ads/music events related to that genre


Just saying since it's annoying trying to sleep at night to classical music then you hear I LOVE THIS CITY, SAN FRANSISCO LOUD NOISES.

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks,
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We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
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It seems the same 20 or so commercials are just being recycled over and over for all non-unlimited or premium spotify users 


This is a big mistake!


Fx I don't like Lady Gaga, nor will I ever. Therefore I will not buy her music, no matter how many commercials I listen to on Spotify.



If music commercials where based on my actual music taste (listening stats, recommended artist etc.) the music featured in the commercials may actually be something I'd concider listening to. And thus I would more likely be a succesful target of the commercial.




For non-music products you could potentially analyze what people likes on facebook. 


I have been using Spotify for some time now, and I have had very few adds target me specifically (I am a nineteen year-old male and I'm reffering to the Gellette adds). I have yet to encounter an ad that is catered to the types of music in my playlists. Almost all the ads seem to target people who are fans of Hiphop, R&B, and Rap. I don't enjoy most of that type of music, and ad space/time would be better spent if it were more specific to the preferences that I have displayed.

I understand on basic that Spotify is funded via ads (and trust I have no issue), but I would like to suggest Spotify takes your Facebook interests and crafts the ads around them. Also, something to further heighten this feat adapt the ads to the music you're Spotifying to. Ex: If you're listening to Enya don't play an AC/DC ad. Love Spotify! Sincerely, 525Xtreme.

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Hey guys, I've just been busy doing a spot of merging to get everything on this idea in one place. I hope I didn't lose anyone's kudos in the process. Feel free to vote it up some more in any case.




Agreed. I think it would be marvelous if Spotify would play ads related to the music you are actually listening to. I find it annoying that over half the ads I am forced to hear are for genres of music that I NEVER listen to, and strongly dislike. This is particularly irritating given the fact that Spotify knows exactly the music I listen to, in its every detail and entirety. How many more times must I listen to the ad for Usher's new album in the middle of my Sigur Ros mix??

From a business perspective, using smart ads would contribute to increased use of Spotify's features & more ad clicks (if you measure that) and more use overall. And I would be really excited to hear about new music that I would actually enjoy listening to. (And see, here it is again. Justin Bieber. Nope, I don't listen to that either. Nor is it in any way remotely similar to the Gungor album I'm currently listening to.) I think using smart ads would be beneficial to listeners, artists, and Spotify.

Casual Listener

Please make your advertisements useful or remove them completely. I am about to go insane if I hear another spotify employee selling something from Spotify. I AM ALREADY LISTENING TO YOUR USELESS APP! WHY WOULD I WANT MORE OF YOUR USELESS PRODUCT? I don't want to hear anything from Andre 3000 or any hip hop or dance music. **uh-oh** all of that.


Also maybe a "safe for work" option for commercials.  I've been getting durex ads almost each commercial break.  I'm at work... its awkward. 


It would be good if the ad targeting could take into consideration the aps that you already have. I have downloaded and am using Soundrop and Tunewiki but I still get them promoted to me in advertisements. It's seems like a waste of advertising space.

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I have really enjoyed the past week using spotify and giving my hard drives with my mp3 collection a break.  However, there is one advertisement that I just heard that is almost enough for me to completely give up on this service altogether.  I listen to Rock, alternative rock, grunge, blues, and punk.  For some reason, the spotify seems to think to would be a good idea to play and ad for defjam artist rick ross.  WTF?!  Now netflix, bourban companies, whatever I do not care.  But what is this?  Does the system really play all the ads to everyone regardless to what their listening preferences are?