[Ads] Relevant Ads to currently listened Music

I'll be getting premium soon but for those who use the free version, I think it would be a lot better on both sides if the ads were related to the music they were listening to.


for example if I was listening to classical music, there would be classical music related ads

if I was listening to hardcore punk, there would be ads/music events related to that genre


Just saying since it's annoying trying to sleep at night to classical music then you hear I LOVE THIS CITY, SAN FRANSISCO LOUD NOISES.

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks,
We really appreciate so many of you coming to the Community, adding your votes and comments to this idea!
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
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Playing a children's playlist radio (Casper Baby Pants), and on comes an ad for condoms, with fun topics like lubing her up and ribbed for her pleasure. 


Some consideration of ad content for currently playing would be appreciated and better for the service overall.


The advertisements that come up when I'm listening to spotify have absolutely NOTHING to do with the kind of music that I like. They are therefore incredibly ineffective and frankly just annoying. My playlists are filled with Classical and acoustic/folk, but all the ads are for rap or pop that I have no interest in. Furthermore, they are really loud. I wouldn't mind them as much if they were actually relevant to me. I think there should be an option when ads play to confirm that they actually apply to you. It would make my listening experience better, in all honestly, and probably create an opportunity for more direct and effective advertising for you.


I agree 100%.  It's incredibly annoying to have to listen to a blaring "godsmack" ad after I finish a quiet classical piano piece.  Surely they could find some way to make advertising that was actually effective?


My guess is that a company pays a fixed rate for an ad regardless of clickthroughs, so it doesn't matter to spotify if ads are effective.  Just a guess though.

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Advertisements in Spotify don't seem to be targeted and it's really weird that they aren't. Because you require users to log in using Facebook now, you have access to lots of information about them and could tailor ads better.


i had the same idea, sometimes i get the same advertisement for a band which i dont like 5-7 times per day..., on the other hand  there are dozens, hundreds of bands which i dont know off, yet, and the advertisement would be a good place to get to know them, and ofc the bands should be chosen according to the personal taste of music.


It would be great if the commercials played consider with the music listened to like if I'm  listening to children's music I don't have durex condoms commercial come on or Gospel and liquor commercial. If they could be edited based to genre that would be great other than that love the service!!1


And I get ads for condoms when I am listening to church hymns with my children. Fail!!!!!


A brief (and humorous) summary of spotify advertising:


1. Listening to HJ Lim/Al Jarreau

2. Song ends

2.2. I should listen to "Blow Me"

2.3. I should buy condoms

2.4. I should buy Jack Daniels

2.5. I should a stay at Hilton

3. Music resumes


READ: Not that I have moral issues with sex and drinking, I don't, but I myself am not a connoisseur of sex, tasteless music, and drinking (and taking business trips) and I am therefore not interested in any of the three


I think that adversisements could be made relevent to the user by watching the types of music they listen to. I have gotten explicit ads before, and making ads relevent to what the user listens to would make them more effective. I wouldn't even consider buying any of the music that is advertised.


I would listen to children screaming between songs if Spotify played it, it just seems like they might be leaving money on the table; marketers pay a premium for targeted ads.  I wonder, how far along is this feature in Kanban?