[Ads] Relevant Ads to currently listened Music

I'll be getting premium soon but for those who use the free version, I think it would be a lot better on both sides if the ads were related to the music they were listening to.


for example if I was listening to classical music, there would be classical music related ads

if I was listening to hardcore punk, there would be ads/music events related to that genre


Just saying since it's annoying trying to sleep at night to classical music then you hear I LOVE THIS CITY, SAN FRANSISCO LOUD NOISES.

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks,
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We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
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I have been using Spotify for some time now, and I have had very few adds target me specifically (I am a nineteen year-old male and I'm reffering to the Gellette adds). I have yet to encounter an ad that is catered to the types of music in my playlists. Almost all the ads seem to target people who are fans of Hiphop, R&B, and Rap. I don't enjoy most of that type of music, and ad space/time would be better spent if it were more specific to the preferences that I have displayed.


Where is the delete option.  I posted a comment under the wrong idea category and couldn't figure out how to delete it so I'm typing this message in place of it...


Hey guys, I've just been busy doing a spot of merging to get everything on this idea in one place. I hope I didn't lose anyone's kudos in the process. Feel free to vote it up some more in any case.




The advertisements that come up when I'm listening to spotify have absolutely NOTHING to do with the kind of music that I like. They are therefore incredibly ineffective and frankly just annoying. My playlists are filled with Classical and acoustic/folk, but all the ads are for rap or pop that I have no interest in. Furthermore, they are really loud. I wouldn't mind them as much if they were actually relevant to me. I think there should be an option when ads play to confirm that they actually apply to you. It would make my listening experience better, in all honestly, and probably create an opportunity for more direct and effective advertising for you.


It would be great if the commercials played consider with the music listened to like if I'm  listening to children's music I don't have durex condoms commercial come on or Gospel and liquor commercial. If they could be edited based to genre that would be great other than that love the service!!1


And I get ads for condoms when I am listening to church hymns with my children. Fail!!!!!


A brief (and humorous) summary of spotify advertising:


1. Listening to HJ Lim/Al Jarreau

2. Song ends

2.2. I should listen to "Blow Me"

2.3. I should buy condoms

2.4. I should buy Jack Daniels

2.5. I should a stay at Hilton

3. Music resumes


READ: Not that I have moral issues with sex and drinking, I don't, but I myself am not a connoisseur of sex, tasteless music, and drinking (and taking business trips) and I am therefore not interested in any of the three


I would listen to children screaming between songs if Spotify played it, it just seems like they might be leaving money on the table; marketers pay a premium for targeted ads.  I wonder, how far along is this feature in Kanban? 

This should be a fairly high priority - I am one of those users who will never sign for the premium account - I use spotify to discover new music and then buy the album myself (I like to actually own the music I pay for). I have no problem listening to ad's, however, the irrelevant and inappropriate adverts are enough to force me to find an alternative service. As a plugin to facebook, surely there is a way to utilise their technology to provide user specific advertising? Surely!? And it's not like you guys are rookies! C'mon! Pull ya fingers out!

It's difficult to listen to, say, Philip Glass and then, in the middle of the playlist, hear a blaring ad for hip-hip.  It's a mood destroyer.  Unless, of course, the ads are supposed to be so annoying that it encourages users to pay for Premium, but that doesn't help the advertisers sell their services/products.


I think it'd be an overall better solution to have audio ads that are related to the type of music being played.  Of all changes/fixes, this should be a relatively simple one to achieve.