[Ads] Relevant Ads to currently listened Music

I'll be getting premium soon but for those who use the free version, I think it would be a lot better on both sides if the ads were related to the music they were listening to.


for example if I was listening to classical music, there would be classical music related ads

if I was listening to hardcore punk, there would be ads/music events related to that genre


Just saying since it's annoying trying to sleep at night to classical music then you hear I LOVE THIS CITY, SAN FRANSISCO LOUD NOISES.

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks,
We really appreciate so many of you coming to the Community, adding your votes and comments to this idea!
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Thanks .


Opino lo mismo, **bleep** escuchar anuncios de reggaeton cuando mis playlist son fundamentalmente de indie y OST


PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS IDEA! I am very tired of having to mute completely when an ad pops up loudly playing random music I absolutely loathe.


Can we please implement this already? I'm absolutely tired of the stupid reggaeton ads. Seriously, one more and I will uninstall and revert to pirating music/listening on youtube. If this is the service you offer, thank you very much but no thank you.

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Amen! I already [almost completely] stopped using Spotify for that reason. I had on jazz channels, swing channels then suddnely hear a hip-hop or reggaeton nonsense ad that COMPLETELY kills the mood. That garbage is not in the same league. My solution? Turn on a YouTube mix or two of someone who has made of songs from that genre. They're generally 1hr long so dont have to pay too much attention. Even better is when they are on playlists. The ads suck on YouTube too but theyre usually for products insanely unrelated. Doesnt 'kill the mood' like Spotify hop-hop ads, but more so just annoys it for a minute.


I am a premium user and totally agree with this isue. 

For example every time I get on Spotify I see the same adv. (images) of music I will never listen to... 




I agree, can you please implement this? I don't usually mind adds, I understand you need to make money and I don't have premium, but the horror adds freak me out. I've actually just closed the app so I could avoid it. Or at least stop playing as many. 


Wow just them Trojan man Trojan man commercials are back with revenge had to hear two of them back to back. Spotipervs.


quote “it’s a sexy world with people having *S E X * everywhere.” 


Gimme me a break your pathetic ads. Sell your S e x somewhere else Spotify.


Even EDisfuction Commecials have more dignity.

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please consider ASMR tracks too


if any loud ad is played between them, the whole album is useless


I imagine that takes a lot of work and profiling and deals to associate music to people.  A better geo-location device could help. And maybe you guys should make advertising cheaper for local business. It's a break and it annoys a bit, but when we listen to more than one ad for Spotify premium it feels like there's less of r a reason for the breaks existing. Anyway, I just came back to school and I went back to the simple Spotify to manage future. To anyone that can afford just give a free month, always works 😉

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I am listening to study music and the ads are loud screaming rock content and totally takes me out of the zone