Airplay in the desktop version of Spotify

I would love to have Airplay built in the app itself, so I don't need another program such as Airfoil.

Hey everyone, we also think this is a good idea so we're updating the status. However, please know we still don't have current plans for Airplay in the Desktop app. If this changes we will let you know here first and we'll keep an eye on this idea as it continues to grow. Thanks!

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Airplay is supported with the Spotify appli on iPhone but not on MacOS. This is really a big miss for me.

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This could be implemented quick on the Mac-version since it is a standard feature in OS-X Mountain Lion.

An explanation how to do it in this blog posting:

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Airplay has be integrated into the latest OSX by Apple. Head over to the System Preferences > Sound > Output, and select your Airplay device. Using this, you will be able to play Spotify using Airplay. 


As it's now built-into OSX 10.8, I'll mark this as "implemented" now. 

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Status changed to: Implemented

Whilst this great and all, it's still a bit of a cop out. As I understand it, this will stream all sound from the computer to the AirPlay device, not just music from the Spotify. Also this doesn't allow me to stream music to multiple AirPlay devices.


I think it would be better to add the above functionality to the desktop app - iTunes already does this so I'm hopeful there are public APIs to make this possible.


1+ for implementing an "Airplay"-icon in the desktop version. Killing time in front of the computer often means having music on in the background (with airplay delay) and now and then pausing the music to watch a clip with sound from the buil-in speaker(NOT wanting any delay). Now I have to go into the preferences/sound menu and switch output all the time. Of course 3rd party app like Airfoil works good but it would be much better to use a already built in function.


Implement this! :)

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@David, for long I thought it was hard to get per-application support, given things are encrypted and all. But the linked blog post seems to indicate it's quite easy. So, given that, I'd say relying on the built-in Mountain Lion system wide AirPlay support is just a workaround!


(And maybe a real implementation even works on OS X prior to Mountain Lion? I guess not, but who knows!)

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I agree with @Arjan, airplay is not implemented in spotify.


It's like saying its always been implemented but we just needed another piece of software (Airfoil and such programs).


Don't take shortcuts, the users will notice if you put in some effort instead of taking the easy way...

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It´s the Airplay "icon" we all want!

In the software itself!




Macbook Air (mid 2011)


Airport Express (802.11n-version)


Mountain Lion




Experience of audio delay, about 2 sec!!!



Anyone else? Any proper fix?




Tried Airplay sound mirroring today for the first time with spotify on my brand new macbook air (mid 2012) and apple tv 2. 

Experience is very dissapointing. Very often stuttering of soundstream even when not working on macbook. When working on macbook stuttering becomes worse.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Also disappointing; al sounds of macbook are streamed to apple tv instead of just the spotify stream, when will a dedicated airplay button in spotify be present?