[Alexa] Multiple Spotify Accounts for Amazon Echo

Status: Not Right Now

My wife and I have our own Spotify accounts. On Amazon Echo, you can create your own profile.  It would be great to link your own Spotify account to your own Amazon Echo account.


Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @rskyles thanks for bringing your idea to the Community. As this idea involves a third party we cannot comment on whether this feature is in progress or not. We're marking it as 'Not Right Now', but if we publicly announce this feature is coming we'll update this idea. Thanks!


running out of patience with having no spotify in the car if someone is listening at home. Needs sorted. Some comments are 2 years old


think I'll go back to amazon


Guys, it works as long as there is individual Alexa accounts (so for my kids it doesn't work)..

1. Have one amazon account PER spotify account linked

this means if you have 3 spotify accounts in Premium you need three different alexa accounts
2. Switch amazon account and tell alexa to start playing with changed account, works excellent here


Why is still not implemented a fondamental thing like this? IT IS UNBELIVABLE that I'm PAYING spotify family, and we can not use in the same time two different echo in two different rooms or in my car and in my kitchen.


HOPE implement soon different spotify account for different echo profile. It is really EASY to implement.


This is a must have for us

we have kids playlists and no explicit lyrics on one Spotify account

And then want to easily be able to switch when kids are done or when we are a different Alexa echo device

if the Spotify app (iOS) can also easily switch accounts (I.e support multiple account) then we can use the phone as a remote which would be fantastic 


please please please


To those saying you just need to use additional Amazon accounts: have you tried it with 3 people?


Last I checked only 2 adults can be in an Amazon household, and only adult accounts can be linked to Spotify. So it’s not possible to have a third Alexa “profile” to switch to that can play Spotify. 

This is and has been a big problem for years. 


Just want to say that I switched over to the Amazon Music family plan a year ago and, wow.... Such a welcome change.  Kids don't fight over music anymore. We aren't stepping on each other's toes.  Supporting 6 simultaneous streams - no matter what device - is absolutely the way to go.  Kudos Amazon!


JKahsen, we did the same thing.


 dont miss spotify at all.  this was the only reason we switched and would have stayed if they fixed it.




This will be my last year with Spotify Premium (Family) if they will not fix. I never felt the problem because I hadn't a smart home, but it is dumb that in 2020, with all the smart devices we have, Spotify deliberately doesn't want to fix this not user friendly bug and not respect people using their services and paying. We want spotify decide to go to 2020, not to remain to 2017, when they decided to tag this feature request as "not important".