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[Alexa] Multiple Spotify Accounts for Amazon Echo

My wife and I have our own Spotify accounts. On Amazon Echo, you can create your own profile.  It would be great to link your own Spotify account to your own Amazon Echo account.


Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @rskyles thanks for bringing your idea to the Community. As this idea involves a third party we cannot comment on whether this feature is in progress or not. We're marking it as 'Not Right Now', but if we publicly announce this feature is coming we'll update this idea. Thanks!


I am sick of getting Spotify "suggestions" based on what my 10 year old kids are listening to in my Alexa device. Please address this! 


This feature is long overdue. Amazon's music service looks better and better!


Is this a Spotify limitation or an Amazon limitation? Either way, what a ridiculous problem to put on paying users.


Also agree. I switched TO Spotify hoping that the experience with playlists and library and overall intuitiveness of the app were better, and they were, until we signed up for the family plan. Now, every time I try to play a song on my Dot at work, my wife's music cuts out and suddenly I'm listening to whatever she was listening to but at twice the volume.


This can be annoying when she's been listening to Raffi with my daughter and my colleagues wanted the jazz they were promised.


Minor update:

Using a spare family member account, this is now linked to the primary users Alexa account. Overcoming the problem of cutting someone off. Still falls short of a seemless Spotify/Echo experience though.

Another workaround is using the spotify connect feature on alexa to temporarily pair a personal account and give access to personal playlists. I have read a rumor that amazon is working on voice recognition to identify household members and passively build our personalization profiles
We set up an "alexa" family member in Spotify to help but it is only a work
around. It lets us have a neutral account so our other family members can
stream their own music. But one of us need to be logged in on our phone in
order to make changes to playlists, etc that Alexa can't handle with voice
commands (like select a specific version of a song). Since it's a pain to
switch between accounts, this mean that person is usually stuck being

I need this for my daughters bedtime lullabies whilst the wife and I are raving downstairs to the prodigy. 


Any news on this? Seems daft to pay for family membership when can only use one user! 


This is my biggest issue with Alexa, I have a spotify family account, i would like to be able to assign/nominate Alexa as a seperate family member, when I'm travelling, driving, in work trying to listen to spotify I'm competing with the wife and kids at home on the Echo and dot, even though they all have their own family accounts too.