[All Platforms] Add a resume button to playlists for premium users

When I’m listening to a playlist, I may want to go and check out some other song or playlist, but when I return I can’t continue where I left off. I think it’s odd that this feature is only available to free subscription users.

Updated on 2020-02-24

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I find it tedious sometimes when I’m looking for a song In a playlist and i can’t slide into queue when it pops up from the search in the playlist. I have to click on it and go thru all of that just to put into queue. Maybe adding the sliding into queue from the search directly


I support this idea and would suggest to extend it to albums as well. Often enough, when listening to an audio book or comedy album, one doesn‘t have the time to listen to it completely... and might want to listen to other music before continuing later on. It would be great to be able to automatically continue on the right spot later.

Casual Listener

Not being able to resume playlists & albums where you left off is the most annoying thing with Spotify.


Fix it & you'll make hundreds of thousands of users happy 🙂


Very disturbing and disappointing this is still an issue and will not be solved.
I am listening to large playlists (in a random order) and it would be very great to continue the playlist where I left it last time.  




I thought this would have been fixed YEARS ago


Fantastic idea! Revolutionary!!!

I can’t believe this doesn’t already exist.


This is such a basic feature. I listening to a playlist that is an audio book in my car... Then I listen to some music at work, when i go back to the audio book I have to remember the track i was hearing before... driving me nuts.


This is a basic behavior that should have existed from the beginning. It was requested in numerous threads, this one with over 1300 upvotes as well https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/All-Platforms-Remember-Position-in-Playlist-Album/idi-... And then it was closed... 😞


I don't understand why such a basic feature does not exist. When you switched your cassette-tapes and returned to one that you listened to before, the tape was in exact position where you left, so you could RESUME listening. When you eject a DVD and re-insert it later it offers the option to RESUME.

So why in the digital age is so hard to understand and implement this as a BASIC feature?

I would replace that fat green "SHUFFLE" button with a "RESUME" button.


I have to clone all my playlist and albums to a separate Bookmark folder, and always delete the listened tracks to mantain a last position and resume.


Yep, lack of this seriously diminishes my enjoyment of spotify and pushes me to other services. The fact that this hasn't been fixed since 2012 makes this even more annoying