[All Platforms] Add a resume button to playlists for premium users

When I’m listening to a playlist, I may want to go and check out some other song or playlist, but when I return I can’t continue where I left off. I think it’s odd that this feature is only available to free subscription users.

Updated on 2020-02-24

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Oh my god YESSSS this drives me crazy!! Thank you for bringing it up.


Please This is really basic, there has been a number of posts of this idea over the years and Spotify didn't payed any attention to is. Is really simple and useful!


This has been driving me nuts!!!!!!! I have lists that are more than 100 tracks; and there are lists that I share with friends as curated discover dumps, and the fact that I lose my place in the those lists simply because I travel to another list to play something for a second I FN CRAZY!!!!! 388 VOTES is not enough for a feature consideration??? I'm a paid user, and considering leaving the platform because so many basic usability features are ignored. Yeah you're an industry leader now, and  you can ignore users requests but you won't be an industry leader for long if you keep going this way. 😞

Casual Listener

1000+ on this.


It's like someone wrote, I'm playing my favorite mix tape and switch over to something else for a short while. Then I want to resume my favorite mix. But it restarts from the beginning. So I hear the first songs a million times and the later songs in the mix... like never 😞




Hey Spotify, call it 'tape mode' for that extra retro coolness! Tapes are the new vinyl... Get with the game you old square fogies! Four corners or what! 


This feature would be soooooooooooooooooooooo very much appreciated, especially for Android use.

Please, please and pretty please!



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i hope in one of the next releases this great feature with resuming a spotify playlist would be added.

Casual Listener

This is a great idea! Especially since Spotify's shuffle mode sucks balls. At least this way I could eventually listen to an entire playlist instead of just the same 20-30 songs over and over.

Music Fan

I think this would be great. Ever since the ability to long press to listen to a sample of song was taken away, I sometimes accidentally hit a song instead of keeping it up and then I lose my place in whatever playlist I was in.


I then have to go back and find it and start the song where I was. Then...the shuffle starts over which plays songs I’ve already heard...again...and so on. 


This should work with a shuffled folder too, so I can continue with where I was and not hear any song again.

My folder contains thousands of songs from 63 years of music and yet I often hear one I heard before.

Simply allow us to store a "bookmark".