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Can we have time synced lyrics, Spotify been in the music game long enough to understand that it's an important feature, most of us leave the app and open a browser just to check the lyrics.

don't mark this idea as duplicated and link me a to a post that was made 4 years ago, also am not asking for normal lyrics that we already have (behind the lyrics or story line)am asking for Time Synced lyrics just like Apple Music offers.


check the videos to understand what I mean.


or this 



Updated on 2019-12-02

Hey folks,
We really appreciate so many of you coming to the Community, adding your votes and comments to this idea!
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Thanks .



Don't know what about you, it works for me. Yeah I do agree that there aren't a lot of songs having synced lyrics, but same applies to Apple Music.

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Hey!! Great idea!! I was literally just about to post this idea as that's the reason why i came on this platform. Deezer has lyrics. They use lyricfind . Why don't we get live lyrics for songs on Spotify!? This needs to be sorted out!!! Much needed!!!!


I just signed up for Amazon music. They have lyrics too. Looks like Spotify is starting to lag behind the competition.

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Hi @Cavyo4,


I like this idea a lot. You almost got 500 hundred votes which means it will get the status: top idea. Spotify staff will ook at this one seriously then and will communicate the follow up.





Yes this would be a great feature. It's the only thing Apple Music does better than Spotify. The Genius behind the lyrics can be interesting, but most of the time I just want to know what the actual lyrics are instead of those facts. It woudl be great to see the lyrics and press another button if we want to see these Genius behind the lyrics facts.


Please Spotify add this, it would be amazing! Apple Music and Deezer already do it and it's great.

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Yep, lyrics would be great. Personally I would not want them to be time synced though,  too much distraction. Just the lyrics in plain text. That should be even simpler to implement.


Yes!! REAL lyrics please! Not the behind the music nonesense that switches to random trivia like 'Artist is from Chicago' right when the song gets to the lyrics you are trying to figure out. Being able to choose trivia or lyrics would be great, but 'lyrics only' seems like it should be available at a minimum. If it is too complicated or expensive to link to verified lyrics let us crowdsource figuring them out!

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still nothing? hahaha

I don't care anymore, just moved to Apple Music, same features plus realtime lyrics sync and icons in the playlist... 

found and app makes playlist transition very very easy!


goodbye Spotify

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